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Beauty & Mr. Rumple by Allisha McAdoo
Beauty & Mr. Rumple by Allisha McAdoo
Beauty & Mr. Rumple by Allisha McAdoo

Beauty & Mr. Rumple by Allisha McAdoo

Allisha McAdoo

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This story contains graphic materials that some may not find suitable. Read at your own risk.

Joannie was nicknamed Beauty her entire life, a nickname she grew to hate. What she hated more than that nickname was her life. Although she was beautiful, her life was filled with abuse and sorrow. At the age of 15, she finds herself on the streets trying to do everything she could to survive. She works multiple jobs to pay for her schooling but it’s not enough to get off the streets. One day she finds a business card for The MEC, which is The Medical Experiment Clinic. It promises her more money than she knows what to do with and finally she sees a solution to get off the streets. She signs up for the experiment, however, The MEC lies about what they are experimenting on her with. When she finally escapes, years have passed and everything from her previous life is gone. She finds herself rich and itching for revenge. Thanks to the experiment she now has to consume 13 of the vilest people that she finds in order to resurrect an old villain by the name of Mr. Rumple. Armed with 13 souls, she makes her way to hell. However, things don’t go as planned and Beauty morphs into The Beast. The world becomes turned upside down when Mr. Rumple who had always been a villain, now has to be the hero to stop The Beast. 

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Nat w.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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All Hell is about to break loose

So I read The Mr Rumple Chronicles, so I knew that something even more twisted was brewing in that beautiful brain. This story was excellent and a great continuation as we meet a new character, Joannie or as she becomes known Beauty. To say that life had dealt out some serious blows, would be a major understatement. Beauty has only known a life of death, pain and violence. So when she gets the chance to leave an alcoholic mother and abusive stepfather, she ends up on the streets. With school and her part time job barely helping her survive, she thinks her prayers have been answered when she finds an advert for a medical trial that promises payments. As a horror lover, I am screaming at the pages like NOOOOO DON'T DO IT! But young and desperate she goes to MEC and meets the sadist Issaic and realises that her suffering is just about to get worse. Allisha does an incredible job with the visual aspects of the story as well as the detail into the side effects of Beauty's treatment. Delving out some pretty nasty side effects and pain on our main character. As she endures one drug trial to just get through to next, getting her ever closer to escape. As someone who has been on the receiving end of multiple prescriptions to ease chronic pain. I can honestly say I related big time with Beauty, as her body goes through painful and violent side effects. There is a moment with the second drug where the headaches she experiences have her screaming the place down. If you suffer with skull crushing migraines, which are sometimes part of the adverse effects of taking certain medications. You will be in awe of how realistically she describes Beauty's experience, the depth of her research or personal experience. Whatever inspired her to write these scenes, definitely inspired some powerful and emotional scenes of pain. The structure of the story built on her journey through the trials, has great pace and is very intense reading. There are subjects in this story that I will address which is the matter of domestic violence and sucide. As Allisha reveals her character's past trauma this book takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Especially as you follow the extensive range of emotions that Beauty experiences while being locked away in a form of captivity. Which also brings an underlining subject into play, showing how brutal human testing is and why we do have the laws in place. But remember when testing on humans like this was normal? There are many points in history where you human's have experimented on one another and for the same goal Issac was working towards. To create the perfect soldier, untouched by human weakness. Even when she makes it through the trials her pain and suffering is not over. As the one person she has any human connection to is ripped away from her. Then to add insult to injury she has to live with the lasting side effects of the worst 13 days of her life. So, even with all that money and finally getting her freedom, Joannie has lost a part of her life for the trials and in the process part of herself. Totally understandable that she wants revenge and who better to help get that revenge than Mr Rumple. I recommend reading the Chronicles first to get a feel for this sadist and messed up character. Ohhh he is more than grateful, he is willing to spill guts and make it rain blood but first she has to go fetch him. With her new power created by the 13 souls tattooed to her flesh, you know that this is gonna be awesome and the twist at the end. That is just the icing on the cake for me, the whole journey was insane but I loved every moment of it.

United States United States
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And Rumple is back,with a vicious twist

Since I heard Mr.Rumple might be finding his way out of hell I've been excited. This story comes at you hard,a decent person,through bad circumstances is living a crappy life, desperate "Beauty" goes to a voluntary experimental medicine company,and her life becomes a blazing hell,when it's over,there's revenge,cannabilism,a summoning and a twist that put my jaw in my lap! Outstanding book!