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Octopie I Animation

Octopie I Animation


Octopie is an LA based, full service animation studio. In 2018, we partnered with visionary filmmakers the Russo brothers to expand our business into what has become a pioneer in the animation space.

Octopie believes that talent is the key to making great content, and we pride ourselves in aligning each production with key creative stakeholders who are visionaries in their field. We work with a wide array of talent, both new and renowned, with the purpose of bringing a unique point of view to everything we do. We’ve collaborated with notable film directors such as the Russo brothers and Robert Rodriguez as well as digital influencers such as VanossGaming and The Fine Bros. We leave no stone unturned, hence our company mantra - TALENT RUNS DEEP.

Our body of work includes tv series such as Magic The Gathering, Wild Life and Celebrity Animal Encounters, digital series such as Explosion Jones, Paranormal Action Squad, and The Reboots, and dozens of web shorts that are currently being distributed on our Youtube and Facebook pages.


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