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Sinister Horror Company

Sinister Horror Company


The Sinister Horror Company have been publishing horror since 2015. Although based in the UK they have published authors from across the world, and their goal is simply to publish quality, original horror. To pigeonhole their output is difficult, and using their independent status they are willing to risks where others wouldn’t dare, spanning across the full spectrum of the horror experience: from soul crushing extreme titles, to sci-fi horror, to quiet, domestic gothic and to children’s titles. They have even released titles from pulp-horror legend Guy N Smith.

“The Sinister Horror Company are a veritable powerhouse of imaginative, original and ingenious horror.” – DLS Reviews

 “The Sinister Horror Company are well on their way to becoming the most important small horror press there is.” – Jim Mcleod, Ginger Nuts of Horror

 “One of the best presses currently operating in the UK are the Sinister Horror Company.” – This Is Horror

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