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Godless League #7 (The Crimes and Passions of John Stabbeger - "The Stabshank Redemption") by John Baltisberger
Godless League #7 (The Crimes and Passions of John Stabbeger - "The Stabshank Redemption") by John Baltisberger

Godless League #7 (The Crimes and Passions of John Stabbeger - "The Stabshank Redemption") by John Baltisberger

John Baltisberger

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The Crimes and Passions of John Stabberger
"The Stabshank Redemption"

The best way to their insides is from the inside.


Are you sick of pussy superheroes who have too much backstory and not enough killer instinct? Do you wish comic books would just jump from one brutal kill scene to another more brutal kill scene? Do you think like a nine-year-old who just watched I Spit on Your Grave for the first time? 


The Godless League is for you! 

Short on story. Long on hyper-violent, mostly misguided, vigilante justice is what Stabberger, Lushbutcher, and Slaughterdozer are all about!

Leave the genuine world-building and plausible origin stories to the mainstream… all we care about is bloodlust and carnage! Fuck them, anyway. They’ve taken enough of your money and given you nothing but disappointment. When was the last time a Marvel hero cut off a Nazi’s cock? Steve Rogers doesn’t got the guts. What kind of hero is that?

Godless League is a new monthly, psychotic, bizarro, short series from the juvenilely sadistic minds of John Baltistberger, Lucy Leitner, and Drew Stepek. 

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Ryan B.
United States United States

"SWORD-VISION... Esquire"

Stabberger goes to jail and makes Brawl in Cell Block 99 look like a children's film as he slashes his way through the prison's population. There are more hints toward Stabberger's monstrous origins as well. Like the two preceding installments, it's nasty Nazi-slaughtering fun!

Dakota D.
United States United States

Nazi Stabbing, But In Prison!

Stabberger is such a good role model for this generation. In a time where Nazis find it safe enough to once again rise up, the world needs a hero on the path of vengeance who is not afraid to face a little jail time in the name of snuffing out hate. Better yet, the hero we don’t deserve continues his reign behind bars, taking out the biggest, toughest groups of the Ayran Brotherhood known to the world. He slashes, stabs, cuts, chops, and mutilates his way through more bodies than any slasher villain, all in the name of revenge. Does it really count as a crime if you’re killing nazis?

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

No Sympathy for Nazis!

John Stabberger is back, and of course, he's back with a vengeance. That's pretty much his thing. After thoroughly laying waste to a former punk bar turned neo-Nazi cesspool, Stabberger patiently waits for the police to arrive on the scene. Sure, he could break into prison just as effectively as he could break out of one, but when there's a chance to slaughter a bar full of neo-Nazis along the way, why wouldn't he choose that path? Why does he want to get into a prison, you might ask? I'll answer your question with a question. Why haven't you been paying attention or reading the previous Godless League titles? If you'd read Antiva, the second volume in the Stabberger saga, you'd know that his next big target is presumably safe and sound behind bars where Stabberger can't reach him, or so he thinks. The Aryan Nation better watch out when John Stabberger joins them on the cell block because he means business, and he has no pity. Baltisberger fills the pages with so much satisfying Nazi-killing action that it's a veritable joyride for the reader. Vicarious satisfaction through fiction is probably safer and less legally problematic than going out to slaughter Nazis and alt-right scumbags for ourselves, but damn it if John Baltisberger doesn't cause a bit of an itch for a bit of the old ultraviolence in his readers. We have the pleasure of learning a bit more about Stabberger's history in this installment and Baltisberger sets the stage for the subsequent volume in such a way that it'll have readers chomping at the bit and wishing it was available now.

Matt H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

"The goddamn Martha Stewart of dead Nazis"

Another splattery and fantastic entry in the Godless League series, and a welcome new episode of the Saga of John Stabberger. Creative kills with a variety of cutlery, you'll cheer Stabberger on as he evicerates Nazi scum from the clubs to the cells of New Sodom Federal Penitentiary. Brutal fun!! Highly recommended!!