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Godless League #6 (The Doze - "Concrete Christmas") by Drew Stepek
Godless League #6 (The Doze - "Concrete Christmas") by Drew Stepek

Godless League #6 (The Doze - "Concrete Christmas") by Drew Stepek

Drew Stepek

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John Slaughterdozer is: THE DOZE
"Concrete Christmas"

When Globoshame CEO Charles Busk III makes a rare public appearance at a Christmas Parade, radioactive cement behemoth The Doze unleashes his maniacle vengeance. With a body count that quadruples the carnage in the first issue of The Doze, "Concrete Christmas" is THE holiday story promising to drench your trees in the blood of the Local 222! 


Are you sick of pussy superheroes who have too much backstory and not enough killer instinct? Do you wish comic books would just jump from one brutal kill scene to another more brutal kill scene? Do you think like a nine-year-old who just watched I Spit on Your Grave for the first time? 


The Godless League is for you! 

Short on story. Long on hyper-violent, mostly misguided, vigilante justice is what Stabberger, Lushbutcher, and Slaughterdozer are all about!

Leave the genuine world-building and plausible origin stories to the mainstream… all we care about is bloodlust and carnage! Fuck them, anyway. They’ve taken enough of your money and given you nothing but disappointment. When was the last time a Marvel hero cut off a Nazi’s cock? Steve Rogers doesn’t got the guts. What kind of hero is that?

Godless League is a new monthly, psychotic, bizarro, short series from the juvenilely sadistic minds of John Baltistberger, Lucy Leitner, and Drew Stepek. 

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Dakota D.
United States United States

Twas The Fight Before Christmas

The Doze does Christmas! From the very first word Concrete Christmas is cutthroat and out to take the lives of the ones who took away The Doze’s family. There’s barely time to remember to breathe in between the scenes of pure chaotic badassery. He might not be able to read or write, but he sure knows how to clean your clock!

Christina P.
United States United States
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Ho, Ho, Hide Your Wife

Cement has never read so disturbing before. Doze is closer to getting the bad guys in Globoshame and wouldn’t you know it, some things still stand in his way. Mainly raping lions. Not people raping lions but lions raping people. Also, please always read your contracts. ALWAYS! The Doze is a fast read with a shit ton of blood, tears, and revenge. And by God, I’m here for it. 5/5 I hate lions now.

R.J. Benetti
United States United States
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A story as solid as concrete

I LOVED this story. The character of John Slaughterdozer, his background, the Christmas imagery, the twists and turns and action. All of it was fantastic and expertly written in a superhero, splatterpunk, bizarro style. I grew up on Marvel comics, reading this was like reliving the glory of my youth except in a bloodier and more awesome way. Concrete Christmas was my first Godless League read, but I enjoyed the story so much I’m going to download all of the rest now!! Highly recommend!

Todd L.
Canada Canada
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Merry Christmas Doze

Drew delivers a knock out punch with this new short about The Doze! Full of great Doze cement carnage. The 222 don’t stand a chance! Can’t get enough of the Godless League!

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"Drew Stepek calls this book fantastic" I'll agree with that statement. I loved the Doze. Came back for a second dose of him for Christmas and I love him even more. What was a little zing at the end of the first book was expounded on, and given a look into how it all happened. You absolutely are missing out if you're not reading this. Sad story, really, breaks my heart, makes me wish I had a concrete super power to fuck everyone up with.