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Godless League #2 (Lushbutcher - "Saturday Night’s Alright for Butchering") by Lucy Leitner
Godless League #2 (Lushbutcher - "Saturday Night’s Alright for Butchering") by Lucy Leitner

Godless League #2 (Lushbutcher - "Saturday Night’s Alright for Butchering") by Lucy Leitner

Lucy Leitner

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22 years after her parents are killed and her legs severed by a collision with a drunk driver, Jane Lushbutcher swears to protect the City of Champyinz from drunks.

It’s Saturday night; God commands through a cigarette butt that it’s time for Jane to use all the weapons in her robotic legs to butcher all lushes before they hit the streets.


Are you sick of pussy superheroes who have too much backstory and not enough killer instinct? Do you wish comic books would just jump from one brutal kill scene to another more brutal kill scene? Do you think like a nine-year-old who just watched I Spit on Your Grave for the first time? 

The Godless League is for you! 

Short on story. Long on hyper-violent, mostly misguided, vigilante justice is what Stabberger, Lushbutcher, and Slaughterdozer are all about!

Leave the genuine world-building and plausible origin stories to the mainstream… all we care about is bloodlust and carnage! Fuck them, anyway. They’ve taken enough of your money and given you nothing but disappointment. When was the last time a Marvel hero cut off a Nazi’s cock? Steve Rogers doesn’t got the guts. What kind of hero is that?

Godless League is a new monthly, psychotic, bizarro, short series from the juvenilely sadistic minds of John Baltistberger, Lucy Leitner, and Drew Stepek. 

Launching on July 1st!

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Cybernetic Legs, And Gore Galore

Quick, fun read that leaves you looking forward to the next installment.

Steve K.
United States United States
Jeez, I'll stay home and drink, then

I don't think it'd deter Lushbutcher, though. She'd find a way to justify punishing me for the sin of sitting on my front porch with a beer in hand. Wonder how she (or God, rather) feels about weed? Maybe it's a safer substitute? I dunno. I don't think I'd want to test her to find out.

Andy C.
United States United States
Must Read for Pittsburgh Natives! Bloody Superhero Comedy That Leaves You Laughing Out Loud!

Lushbutcher is such a hilarious character, and I simply couldn’t stop laughing! Jane is hellbent on doing “God’s work” by sniffing out the drunkards of Pittsburgh. The way God speaks to Jane is quite mysterious and amusing indeed! Although Lucy laces this story with really great comedy it is also bloody, violent, and does have a message behind it. I really think Pittsburgh natives will get a kick out of the way God interacts, and that Yinzer speech is incorporated into the story. I give Lushbutcher five switchblade toes out of five talking cigarette butts. Absolutely outlandish, funny, and The Godless League is shaping up nicely!

Ryan H.
United States United States
Inspirational Story

Lushbutcher is a charming tale of a Philadelphia volunteer who overcomes adversity after she is run over by a drunk driver and then takes magnificent strides to improve her community by conversing with God and annihilating all imbibers with her new pair of bionic scissor legs. Looking forward to seeing what happens next episode to any jackass good samaritan who tries to get in her way and talk her out of her homicidal rage.

Matt C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Go Go Gadget Legs!

Lucy has a way of getting you into a characters head so well that it’s easy to see things from their (often illogic/insane) point of view. The super gadget legs were a gift that just kept giving, with the highlight for me being the (slight spoiler) foot detaching scene. And the knee scene. Hell, all of the kills were fantastic!