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Lost Soul by Rayne Havok
Lost Soul by Rayne Havok

Lost Soul by Rayne Havok

Rayne Havok


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A Godless exclusive. 
May, drowning in her depression, and desperate for the end, decides that it's time to let go.
May: "On what was supposed to be my last day alive, I finally found a reason to want to live. But if I wanted to save my soul, I'd have to die for it."
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Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product


Wow!! Just..Wow!! This was unlike anything I've read before from Rayne (and I've read them all! ) but it was still a stunning piece of work! Raw and emotional, shocking, heartbreakingly beautiful and so entrancingly written!! I absolutely loved it!! A solid 5/5 purple hearts from me

Todd L.
Canada Canada
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Beautiful May

Outstanding writing. Beautiful story and characters. This is a heart warming and heart breaking tale.

Dakota D.
United States United States


So I thought that just maybe from the warning at the beginning I wouldn’t have to fear for what Rayne is going to put me through. Just maybe I won’t have my heart beaten to a pulp. But what Lost Soul has in store is a story that will beat your heart up and leave you crying. Seriously, you’ll have to give yourself a second after reading this one. Desperate to end her existence, May has chosen her final day on Earth and makes her way to the bridge that she has chosen to jump from, bringing herself to a swift end. Just as she’s about to jump, an unknown man cries out for her in such a way that stops her body from fulfilling what her soul has already accomplished. Now a hollow shell and with a reason to live, May must give up on life once more in order to rescue her soul from being snuffed out. I’ll be honest, this is one of the harder things I’ve ever had to read. It deals with a lot of trauma that I and my loved ones have had to go through and it hit especially hard with how well it was penned. It felt like the real like. Rayne didn’t hold back at all, I promise you that. This may not be the type of writing she’s known for, but she still hit it out of the park regardless. I absolutely loved this experience, it was heavy and a bit cathartic. I’m almost hesitant to ask for more of this sort of content though, because it’s so flipping good it hurts. Lost Soul proves that Rayne Havok can be just as ruthless and hurtful without having to create wickedly evil scenes.

Nikolas P.
United States United States
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Beautiful and Satisfying

To suggest that Rayne Havok's Lost Soul is shocking would come as no surprise to fans of her spectacular output. What might be surprising is the lack of violence, blood, and gore found within these pages. The things that should astonish absolutely no one are the exquisite quality of the writing and the commanding emotional depth exhibited within this story. I'm going to resist the urge to tell readers much about this story because I want them to go in fresh, but I'll set the stage just a bit. May is at the end of a lifelong battle with depression, going through the motions on what she intends to be her final day of life. A surprise encounter on a bridge leads May to revelations about the nature of the soul and forces her to make an almost impossible choice in light of everything she's discovered. Rayne Havok captures the insidious and numbing nature of depression--and long-term depression in particular--with the in-depth characterizations of both May and Zachary. She breathes tragically beautiful life into her characters on the page and reopens wounds for those who've experienced similar traumas and responses. I'd be surprised if this were not the most deeply personal thing the author's written as it induces such sympathetic aches in the reader. But don't shy away from it. Sometimes pain can be therapeutic, and besides, this is a love story. It's a love story as only Rayne Havok could have written it because it's awash with her voice and teeming with life experiences and somber yet hopeful spirituality.

I recommend this product


Wow. Just… wow. Guys, we have another heart murderer up in here! She Rayne’d Havok on my soul. This book is completely different from Rayne Havok’s previous books. It is beautiful, powerful and heartbreaking. My cold black heart felt everything. Thank you, Rayne. What a way to kick off 2022.