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Brian G. Berry

Brian G. Berry

Brian G Berry is new to the world of writing. His first book 'The Pail' (a Halloween short) was self-published in October of 2020. He writes everything from 1980s inspired horror, SCIFI/Action-horror, to the strange. His biggest influences are the writers of the weird including Lovecraft, Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, to the pulp horror authors of the golden age 70s/80s- and a splattering of others. Author of The Pail, A Bloody Christmas, Splatter Fiend Series, Campfire Tales Beneath a Pallid Moon, and the Slasherback Series, Accursed Ground, The Night Mutilator, and his latest: The Thanksgiving Day Massacre- a gritty slaughter of Thanksgiving horror. 

Brian lives in WA with his wife, four kids, and his awesome dog: Buddy.

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