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Aaron Lebold

Aaron Lebold


I am a forty-one year old youth worker, and I have had a passion for writing my entire life.  In early years this translated into music, where my greatest pride was composing the lyrics for songs that displayed great emotion, and had the ability to inspire others.  After years of doing music as a hobby, I decided it was time to move on to new ventures, this included getting off drugs and returning to school to be an addictions counsellor. 

I was a successful addictions counselor for eight years, staying sober from all drugs and dedicating my life to becoming a better person and helping youth avoid the same path of drugs and alcohol that I once took.  I got married to a wonderful wife and helped her raise two children.  During this time life became enjoyable and satisfying. 

Eventually I felt the desire to challenge myself again, and I decided to focus on writing.  I began with daily blogs, and then proceeded to create my first full length manuscript in 2017. I have completed five full manuscripts to date. Currently the following pieces have been published:


Genocide (Full manuscript) (ASIN: B087SCJ5NB) (Breaking Rules Publishing) (OOP)

The Hollow Volume 7 (ISBN-13: 979-8694482127) ‘Vicarious’ and ‘NPUR31’ (Breaking Rules Publishing)

Invoking Chaos (ASIN: B08JPJD4MJ) (Puppycatpress)

Ho Ho Holy Sh*t (ASIN : B08R28MS88) Terror Tract Publishing (Holiday anthology)


Quarantine (Full manuscript) (ASIN : B08TB77YGW) (Terror Tract Publishing) (OOP)

Horror: The anthology (ASIN : B08T4DG9RK) Sole Destroyer (Breaking Rules Publishing) (OOP)

Bloodsaints (ASIN : B08WJZCWY2) Bloodlust  (Terror Tract publishing)

Just 13 (ASIN : B08TZBV24D) Chapter Eleven (Breaking Rules Publishing)

Family (ASIN : B091DJX4ZM) (Terror Tract Publishing) (OOP)

666 (Dark Drabbles) (ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08HYN6LHW) Black Hare Press

The Whole Wide World (ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09DDWWPBG) Sweety Cat Press

Contracts signed for 2022/2023

Genocide re-release Gloom House Publishing TBR March 2022



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