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The Door (Southern Discomfort 1) by Ezekiel Kincaid
The Door (Southern Discomfort 1) by Ezekiel Kincaid
The Door (Southern Discomfort 1) by Ezekiel Kincaid

The Door (Southern Discomfort 1) by Ezekiel Kincaid

Ezekiel Kincaid

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Some doors should never be opened...

The only thing worse than dying is being stuck in the inbetween, watching your family grieve your loss and move on without you. 

Dying in a tragic accident, Jenn and her daughter Nikki are trapped as ghosts in their home. One heartbreaking day after another, they have a front-row seat as spectators, watching their family crumble. In a fit of desperation, Jenn finds a way for her and Nikki to escape the confines of the house. While they are out, Jenn meets an old lady named Eve--a self-proclaimed seer and prophet who can see into the land of the dead. 

Eve teaches Jenn how to use The Push, a transference of energy that causes ghosts to be able to move things in the dimension of the living. This power can only be activated by immense love or immense hatred. Eve senses a deep seeded hatred and bitterness in Jenn, warning her to make herself known to her husband and kids and then move to The Beyond, the holding place for the dead. She tells Jenn how to find The Beyond. Eve urges Jenn to wait there patiently with Nikki until death comes for all and reunites them as a family in The Beyond.

Jenn, consumed by her hatred and bitterness, seeks out another, more powerful way to try and cross over into the land of the living. Her search for this power leads her to open a door to nightmares. What awaits Jenn on the other side of the door is so dark, hell itself has no place for it. 

In The Door, Ezekiel Kincaid takes his readers on a journey through the human psyche that is both tragic and terrifying. Prepare yourself for what lies beyond the veil. Prepare yourself for The Door. Once you open it, you can never go back. 
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Gerhard J.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product


Thankfully, I did not. Is is only now, as I pondered what do write here, that I did. The Blurb gives away A LOT, and it is the little surprises along the way that make this story as good as it is - and it is VERY GOOD! Of course, if you read the blurb, this is still a must read introduction to the excellent word of Southern Discomfort, and you can heed my advice for the next nine parts. Mother and daughter survive a plane explosion, only to plummet to their death. The last thought in the mother's head before it is dashed against the ground is, "I wonder what comes next?" This is the question that Ezekiel Kincaid asks, and answers, in this series, and he does it in a way that feels familiar enough to ring 'true,' but at the same time completely unique. The Door is one part Sixth Sense, one part Ghost, another part 80s Horror flick, with seven parts raw, gut wrenching, emotional roller coaster ride. The Door ends on a cliffhanger. Once I finished it I immediately purchased part 2, and I cannot wait to see when happens to our hapless heroine.

Andy D.
I recommend this product

Very Original Paranormal Horror!

I've been reading Ezekiel's Dreadful Death book series and already knew he had a knack for writing supernatural horror. I was eager to get into this one. It did not disappoint! This is an engrossing ghost story, full of heart and horror. And the ending! Man, I didn't see the twist coming. You'll know what I'm talking about when you read it. Highly recommend!

Nat W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Open the Door

Ok, so I did cut off a fair bit of the synopsis because I didn't want to give too much away. I'm kind of glad I didn't read the overview blurb because then everything turned out to be an awesome surprise. Honestly, Ezekiel did a fantastic job with this story from the character development to the emotional scenes when Jack has to tell the kids of their mom and little sister's death. The conflicting emotions were both intense and interesting to see. You could definitely see the change in Jenn from a loving and protective mom, to being bitter and hateful. The fact she completely disregards her own daughter, to the point where she is so consumed with not being forgotten. I also like that the author brought in his own twist on the ghost mythos, showing a very different view of the afterlife. I enjoyed the different atmospheres throughout the story. One minute you feel a deep sadness, the next you feel this eerie sensation of something crawling up your spine. The more hate fills Jenn's heart the deeper she sinks into the depths of hatred, kind of reminded me of the Hollow transformation in bleach. When she becomes a demon and turns to revenge, it's an intense tale and a really good intro to the author as a whole. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes next and what other dark thoughts he has cooked up.