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The Television by Edward Lee
The Television by Edward Lee
The Television by Edward Lee


The Television by Edward Lee

Madness Heart Press

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Burnstow is an ordinary little town populated by ordinary people. Farthing is an ordinary guy and he has just inherited an ordinary mobile home in an ordinary trailer park. Farthing looks forward to a nice, quiet, ordinary life.

But in the back room of that ordinary mobile home, there’s an ancient television that’s anything but ordinary. It doesn’t broadcast sitcoms, sports games, news shows, or movies.


It broadcasts only the very worst atrocities in human history.

Follow Farthing down, deeper and deeper as he struggles to reveal the appalling secrets of...


*Trigger Warning: All of them. This is a book of extreme horror, not for the faint of heart or stomach*

“Lee has managed to string together the most gruesome atrocities of our history into a cohesive story. And he describes them in cold graphic detail. I had to go intellectual to stay sane. It's the most ... I don't know ... horrifying thing. It's true evil. Factual evil.” -- Lisa Tone, Editor in Chief, Madness Heart Press

"Okay, so, I just read a paragraph, consisting of but three sentences. I had to put down the Kindle and go into the bathroom, rinse my damn face off. Then I looked at myself in the mirror, and questioned everything about myself, I laughed maniacally for a couple of seconds. I think it's a coping mechanism. But that didn't work so now I'm gonna go for a ride with Birdie and get some fresh air. For real. Three sentences. FML. I Love The Edward Lee." -- Brad Tierny, Extreme Horror book reviewer



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Nat W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

I now question all of humanities decisions

Well, I have heard nothing but the same thing through the grapevine. "Edward Lee is amazing, Edward Lee writes some messed up horror, Edward Lee has amazing talent, Edward Lee is a mysterious man made up of genius goblins in a trenchcoat." Ok so the last statement isn't true but the others turned out to be! You pretty much dive in head first with the introduction which is almost preparing you for what's to come. So if you can't get passed the first part you my friend are fucked. We follow the story of Farthing who inherits his uncle's trailer home in Burnstow, England along with a great wade of cash every month. However, his uncle stipulated in the will, he must live in the trailer to get the money. Strange request for an uncle that can shell out three grand a month don't you think? Farthing agrees and heads to the Mattshaw pub, hurhuhur I love what you did there Ed to meet the attorney, Cooper. Who is going to take him down to the trailer before Farthing makes any further decisions. There are some incredible characters in this story, too many to single out because of how individual each voice is for them. I won't lie to you though, a part of me loved Mal from the Full Moon. But mainly because of how blazey she is about making a man 90% piss, is it bad that I laughed so hard I choked on my Pepsi? Honestly it was definitely a new look into the world of S&M, but I found her accent going through my brain as I read. So Ed knows what he is going with character voices and dialect, which I won't lie made me a little jealous. As the story progresses I start to really like Farthing, he has so much respect for his uncle's place and really shows how grateful he is for his new place. Then we go back to Mal, I will never look at cereal the same way again. But if I thought that was the limit BOY WAS I WRONG. I mean, he basically does go over in very fine horrific detail each horrible atrocity that Farthing sees. The scary part is they are based on real events, making it even worse because you know it actually happened from the Rape of Nanjing to the Holocaust. As Farthing slips further into the madness and is dragged into the right place as cult leader. He ends up seeing things that completely remove him of humanity, the pace is kept and the atmosphere is stomach turning. I did not see the story going the way it did, but as far as twists, turns and morbid fascination go it's all there. Like a horrible car crash of death and torture, you feel like a terrible human being when you read some of the passages in this story. Excellent development of the characters and story and there is no doubt in my mind that Edward is another face of true extreme horror. As he drags you kicking and screaming through this story, giving you an ending that leaves you wanting more. It's sinister, depraved and a journey that will show you all horrors the human race has to offer. But you will stay glued to it's pages right to the bitter, fucked up end.

Mike R.

One Heck Of A Plastic Tubing Good Time

This Turkey Holiday I’m Thankful For Edward Lee. Horror Bookworm Reviews The Television by Edward Lee I. W. Farthing becomes the sole heir to his deceased Uncle Eldred’s estate. However there is one stipulation, he must relocate and assume his relative’s home and responsibilities in England. Unbeknownst to Farthing, his Uncle has bestowed not only a past morbid membership to a very strange club but he also has become sole benefactor and conduit to an undiluted evil of untold atrocities. Edward Lee is doing what he does best, creating environments of horrific tragedies and well, pardon my French, generating images of sick shit. Bare witness to Lee’s honest depictions of unspeakable subject matter as he conjures up a mind-warping story wrapped around suspicious old Polaroids, a bloodline of heretics and a television that comes with a demonic history of the evil that men do. As is customary, Lee incorporates some of the strangest characters you will ever meet this side of Midsommar’s village, Harga. From a madam that has found her professional calling of Dominatrix and S&M services to a peculiar woman named The Piss Car Lady. No matter male, female or child, Lee is unbiased when it comes to his morbid disgust.…no one is safe. When writing this review I often thought of the clever occasions when Edward Lee would break down the fourth wall by acknowledging his readers. He somehow channels historical abhorrent tragedies and a revolting style of horror toward his “captured” audience. What a ball buster of twisted masochist fiction this is. The Television by Edward Lee is hands down the most mental abduction of strangeness and full-tilt peculiarity I have experienced. Madness Heart Press should include a pair of rubber gloves and fluid resistant gowns with each and every purchase. Mind your dreams, you never know when they may appear on the screen for all to see. Oh and by the way, be sure to avoid the Number Six on the Full Moon menu. I hear the perversion it provides is one heck of a plastic tubing good time. If you like your Edward Lee with a heaping spoonful of torture, murder and mutilation, then look no further because something disturbing this way comes. A five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation.