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Tangy Bonanza by Doc Solammen
Tangy Bonanza by Doc Solammen

Tangy Bonanza by Doc Solammen

Bedlam Press

Tangy Bonanza is a collection of two novellas from Seattle-area writer Doc Solammen. His novellas "Tangy Bonanza" and "Tryptophan" are fast-paced, fun and bizarre road trips into an insane world of surrealistic mayhem and freaked-out characters including:

A Talking Junkie Dog
The God of Chaos
A Dead Mime
A Sex-Crazed Jehovah's Witness
A Giant Poetry-Reciting Penis
Plenty of Fat Valkyries
A Dead Woman Named Fred
A Cross-Dressing Gay Priest
The Lamb of God
Lesbian Cowgirls
and of Course,
Hisowndamnself, The Son of God...JESUS H. CHRIST!!!

Step inside the frenzied, fevered mind of one of today’s best bizarro authors and walk along with Solammen’s insane characters and some absurdist situations. Don’t miss Tangy Bonanza.






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