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Trapped: A Dark Dozen Anthology
Trapped: A Dark Dozen Anthology
Trapped: A Dark Dozen Anthology


Trapped: A Dark Dozen Anthology

Uncomfortably Dark

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Uncomfortably Dark Horror proudly presents the second Dark Dozen Anthology, Trapped. 

12 tales of terror stemming from a single word. Trapped.

What would you do if you were trapped, alone, and afraid, with no one to help, no way out?  How far would you go to survive? What could you endure? 

The authors in this anthology pulled no punches and the stories within these pages will leave a mark on you long after the tales are told. You may even find yourself trapped, held hostage, until every horrific word has been consumed.

Authors include Lee Murray, Eric Butler, Jae Mazer, Steve Stred, Daemon Manx, James G. Carlson, Brian Asman, Tylor James, Regina Watts, M Ennenbach, River Dixon, Rayne Havok, and Nikolas P. Robinson. Foreword written by Steve Stred. 

Praise for Trapped!

"A brilliantly assembled chorus of voices from every corner of contemporary horror."—Jonathan Durham, author of Winterset Hollow.

“An unnerving gamut of crimson-caked tales that no horror reader should miss. TRAPPED takes you on a pulse-pounding, repugnant journey that satisfies even the most voracious and vile appetites.”—Aron Beauregard, author of The Slob & Playground.


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I recommend this product

An Intense and Diverse Horror Anthology

Trapped is a Dark Dozen anthology collecting 12 stories about being trapped from 12 incredible horror and dark fiction authors. But though theses stories are written around the same theme, they are otherwise very different from one another in subgenre, style, and overall tone. It’s amazing. Eric Butler’s engrossing and brutal tale “El Muerto” is western extreme horror (like splatterwestern), while “In Name Only” by Steve Stred is dark revenge horror. Daemon Manx’s “Dead Fall” is an intense and impactful psychological horror tale, while “Kid Hazard” by James G. Carlson is a story of violence and dark humor about mysterious savage killings during the onset of a hurricane. “The Thing Beneath the Dock” by Tylor James is a deep and powerful story encompassing more than one type of being trapped, while Regina Watts’s “House-Sitting” is all about the suspense (with a side of being manipulated by cats). “Falling into the Abyss” by M Ennenbach is a sophisticated sci-fi horror tale of terror, while River Dixon’s “A Place Prepared” is a poignant and distinctive take on the Christian apocalypse. “That F*cking Thing is Back” by Rayne Havok (I need to read more by her) is a gripping and bloody story that defies subgenre labels, while Nikolas P Robinson’s “Extracurricular” is straight-up brilliant extreme horror. In addition to these fantastic stories are two that really spoke to me. “Aisle Four” by Jae Mazer is a suspenseful, evocative, and riveting tale in which a snow storm has trapped people inside a store where something awful has happened. I felt the tension in both mind and body as the story revealed the mind, heart, and marriage of Tom and the truth of a horror like no other. “Staycation” by Brian Asman is the disturbing aftermath of a dark take on Home Alone (which I will now never be able to watch again). The pervasive dread, persistent terror, and poignant (and all too realistic) psychological horrors make this an impactful and important read. Having such diversity in a themed anthology is quite impressive. And one mustn’t forget the brilliant poem “A Single Step” by Lee Murray that sets the mood at the beginning. This anthology will give you a whole new outlook on the many ways you can be Trapped, and it in turn will entrap you.

Andy C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Do You Fear Being Trapped?

This Dark Dozen anthology Presented by Uncomfortably Dark is a neat little compilation of stories by different authors putting their twist on a story pertaining to the subject of being TRAPPED! Personally, I can’t stand the idea of being trapped. The quickness of this anthology is the fact that every entry is unique in the way the author perceives what “trapped” means. Some are a traditional type of trap. Such as, being put in a situation where you are trapped. Others expand on this, add supernatural factors, and then you have a completely different kind of trapped that stretches into an afterlife “trapped”. All in all, I really enjoyed this anthology that Candace Nola complied. Lastly, my favorite story happened to be the very first story. El Muerto by Eric Butler. I really enjoyed the western aspect of the story, and some form of supernatural occurrence. I will not go on because the story is really good and deserves to be read. As well as, all the other entries as well. Five out of five stars!

Mike R.
United States United States

A Delicious Decadence Of Decay

Horror Bookworm Reviews Trapped formatted by Candace Nola - Screams, panic and confusion has gripped all society. As the utter destruction of populated cities reach a horrific crescendo, a married couple struggles with their faith and belief in religion. There is no escape from the vilest of perversions that inhabit the recent Hell on Earth…or is there? - Reports of a man terrorizing an old western town in Texas brings a posse of lawmen to seek justice for the townsfolk. As they saddle up and enter the isolated community, a monstrosity of chaos and death awaits the band of brethren. - Evidence of sorrow, guilt and a troubled marriage leads to a grisly crime scene on aisle four at the local supermarket. Witnesses look on in horror as the investigation slowly reveals the shocking truth. Trapped assembles a group of authors with the thought of being confined. Edited by Candace Nola, Mort Stone & Dark Rose, this Dark Dozen Anthology features some of the most talented authors of dark fiction writing today. Rayne Havok, Eric Butler, Daemon Manx, James G. Carlson, Brian Asman and Steve Stred are among many that presently represent the genre. From a burglar that mistakenly thinks he has the perfect mark to a deep space survival from an unknown life form. The diverse depictions that exist within these horrific pages are the cherries on top of this delicious decadence of decay. The attractive hardback version follows in the footsteps of Uncomfortably Dark Horror’s Splatterpunk Award winning Baker’s Dozen. From the beautiful cover to the recognizable interior art of John Kostov, this overall package is once again a horrifying hit. Whether it’s confronting confined spaces, lunatics or alligators…this anthology is a direct gift from the Horror Gods of Short Stories. The goose flesh factor is high on this one. Not surprisingly this is a five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation. Despite that, I can’t leave this review without mentioning the twisted tale written by Nikolas P. Robinson. Restraints, mouth gags, zip ties and a detailed narrative of a predator’s agenda, Nikolas delivers on all extreme cylinders. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Trapped.