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DeathDay Presents: by D.E. McCluskey
DeathDay Presents: by D.E. McCluskey


DeathDay Presents: by D.E. McCluskey

D.E. McCluskey

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Did you know that Satan celebrates is DeathDay once a year? Also, did you know that every demon in the stinking pit of Hell is obligated to get him a DeathDay Present? And did you know that if the present doesn’t please the Lord of the Flies, then the demon is set to join the Eternity Fraternity… Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Well, the Eternity Fraternity means they will be tossed into he Abyss, to fall into the darkness for the whole of eternity, without parole. Still sound god to you?

Out heroes Gilly, Nophy, and Longy have forgotten all about the party, and now, they have less than one day to find Satan the perfect present. This means they will have to travel Topside and maybe even visit a mall.

Will they make it in time to avoid the drop?

is from the same author who gave you Cravings, CRACK, and Amazon No 1 bestseller The Twelve.

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    Bloody Fun!

    I loved this graphic novel, the visuals, the story and the dialogue were all hilariously engaging and gory. I enjoyed the concept as well, the idea of “demons doing regular things” just kills me, and the fact that they failed so successfully was *chef’s kiss* The art is stellar, the comedy was spot on and the visuals were disgusting- there was nothing not to love about this graphic novel. I am keeping my eye out for more!!

    United States United States

    For The Fear Of Satan

    I mean being a demon is typically a pretty sweet gig in general. Satan is the coolest boss in town. Who doesn’t want to get away with and be encouraged to commit murder. However even with all its perks, you better not forget to get The Dark One a present for DeathDay! Two brave demons and one not so useful, go on a brave last minute mission to find the perfect gift. Will they succeed?!

    Canada Canada
    I recommend this product

    A fun graphic novel

    A demonic graphic novel, full of human torture, Deathday Shenanigans, and hell bound souls. The art was pretty intense, and there was a lot of little details in each frame. At the end, I was totally shocked! All in all, a definitely fun comic!