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Sean Walusko

Sean Walusko


Before starting his journey as a horror writer, Sean Walusko did work for several video game and comic book companies as a character designer and concept artist. Currently, he’s an aspiring horror writer hoping to break into the industry through whatever opportunities present themselves. His writing credits include that of published work in the music and comics industry as well as two self-published books, “Hellverse: Shadows of the Abyss” and “Hellverse: Bloodlines of Kaos.” Whereas most authors these days cater more to modern audiences, Sean is set to rekindle the poetic violence and debauchery of classic literature. His stories bring a lost sense of world building and detailing subtle nuances of terror instead of giving everything right from the start. His latest work, a collection of short horror stories inspired by different historical events and mythologies, titled “Vanitas Diabolus,” is in the works and due out in the near future. For those keen on finding a bit more sophistication in their horror, keep a lookout. There’s plenty more to come!


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