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Welcome to Scud Lake by Matthew A. Clarke
Welcome to Scud Lake by Matthew A. Clarke

Welcome to Scud Lake by Matthew A. Clarke

Matthew A. Clarke

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An extreme horror short (5K words)

Welcome to Scud Lake, a bubbling cesspit of inbred debauchery. This is the first story set in and around the hell that is Scud Lake, in which we meet some of the village's finest specimens, and join them as they give a warm welcome to an unfortunate traveler.

You can find the second Scud Lake story published in "Best of Indie Horror: Extreme Edition" by KJK publishing.
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Nikolas P.
I recommend this product

Scud Lake: The Perfect Vacation Spot

Scud Lake is not the sort of town you want to find yourself stumbling upon in your ventures, and Welcome To Scud Lake provides readers with ample evidence supporting that. When a cross-country bicyclist goes missing, the GPS from her bike leads her significant other, Eric, to the front door of the Lurcher brothers' home. Interrupting their dinner turns out to be a grievous error on his part, though I suspect it wouldn't have turned out any better for him if he'd arrived at any other time of day. The Lurchers seem like the type who would take exception to the intrusion no matter when it happened. Imagine The Texas Chainsaw Massacre if Leatherface had a twin brother, and you'll have an idea of Huel and Jed's dispositions. They're just a whole lot more chatty than the aforementioned chainsaw-wielding maniac. Go a step further and imagine that Leatherface was the runt of the family because Huel and Jed have a younger brother, Trapp, who makes them both look like children. This is the environment where Eric finds himself, and there's little chance he'll find his way out of the trouble he's gotten himself into. At least he'll see his fiance again. Clarke's story is a fantastic introduction to the world of Scud Lake, a place of horror and depravity, where none of the residents are likely to be what one might consider decent folks. Though we only catch a brief glimpse of what life is like in this backwoods horrorshow of a town, it's a tantalizing glimpse that makes the reader want to experience a return visit. It's certainly better to visit on the page than it would be in person.

Donna L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

A crazy ride

Part The Hills Have Eyes, part Texas Chainsaw Massacre. All gory fun.

Todd L.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Population Batter

Book One is finally here. You definitely do not want to make the wrong turn and end up in THE SHED! Motherless brothers collect unique toys to play with near Scud Lake until Johnny Law tries to put a stop to their fun. Great short story by Clarke, no bizzaro here, just fun filthy blood, guts, maggots, and population batter. A must read!

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Redneck Revulsion

Matt!! You Disgusting, Vile, Btard!! I loved this extreme horror short - it was depraved, disturbed, twisted and utterly gross! And I almost vommed!! It just goes to show that Matt can write anything and make it an awesome read! Hell, I'd even buy his shopping list!! I love his humour, the way his writing flows,(fast-paced and Brutal in this case!), his descriptions - 'population paste!' and just his amazingly funked up imagination!! I got some serious Ed Lee vibes from this one and I am really hoping we get to read more about the Lurchers in the future!! Brilliant!!