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Sweet Tooth by Matthew A. Clarke
Sweet Tooth by Matthew A. Clarke

Sweet Tooth by Matthew A. Clarke

Matthew A. Clarke

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Girls are disappearing. 
Enforcers are itchy to send Hollows to THE LOST PLACE with little warning.
When Candy awakes one morning to find she has become self-aware, she must do everything in her power to try and save herself and the other girls at Sweet Tooth from a lifetime of abuse.
Sweet Tooth is a short, fast-paced futuristic horror that will keep you guessing until the end.
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Sal C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

So well written...just buy it!

This was my first Matthew A. Clarke book and it will not be my last. A engaging story that reminded me of Phillip K. Dick at his best, though Sweet Tooth is less scifi and more horror. Honestly, this was a really original story and a lot of fun. Completely suspenseful from start to finish. And at a great price my advice: Pick it up!

Iain A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Short and sweet.

A sci fi short with a nasty surprise waiting for you. Just the perfect little morsel to scratch that dystopian fiction itch. Great fun.

Todd L.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Be Aware

Candy feels something is missing. A chance opportunity arrives and Candy falls for the ….spoilers… fuck that … read this fantastic short by Clarke. Loved this idea for a short. I am hoping that this story will continue with an ending that left me wanted more!

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

If You're Missing Black Mirror, Check This Out

If you take a dash of Brave New World, toss in a healthy dose of Bladerunner, and blend it all with a bit of sadism, you'll end up with Sweet Tooth by Matthew A. Clarke. It's a short story that overall feels like a transcript for an episode of Black Mirror. The ultra-wealthy have finally done away with the poor and undesirable, and they've replaced those forgotten and discarded people with Hollows. Hollows are manufactured in bulk to perform the menial tasks and services the ruling class deems beneath them. Candy is such a hollow, designed to be an escort--though not in a sexual sense, as she isn't equipped with the necessary parts. In tribute to the banality of all existence, we first discover Candy is becoming aware beyond her programming because she's unhappy about someone else deciding how her hair should look. Other Candy models are disappearing, and there appears to be a man involved in those disappearances. Our Candy finds herself in the predicament of needing to unravel the mystery behind the missing hollows while maintaining her facade of going along with her base programming. In a sense, this is a truly depressing, dystopian vision of a possible future, extrapolating on the income inequality and class warfare we already experience. More than that, it showcases that no amount of weeding out undesirables based on social status will erase the sort of people who become serial killers today. Those types of people will always find a new group of "less dead" as criminologist Steven Egger refers to the typical victims of serial murderers. Clarke captures that grim reality in this story. Is there a happy ending? Is such a thing even possible in a world like that? You'll have to read the damn story for yourself to find out.

Sean H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

A futuristic short story that packs a punch

Really enjoyed this short story which explores the notion of humanity and the human experience. Reminded me of Alex Garland and even the master Isaac Asimov.