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The Cotton Candy Massacre: Part Toots by Christopher Robertson

Christopher Robertson

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The sequel to the Godless 666 Awards Novel of the Year.

The book you are about to read is an account of the events that occurred at the derelict Franklin's Fun Castle. A once wholesome venue for family entertainment - now an abandoned, sullied ruin.

Someone made a home there, escaping the chaos and carnage of Bonkin's Bonanza, someone people are searching for.

But those who ventured to Franklin's Fun Castle wouldn't find answers. No redemption, fame, or whimsical merriment.

They would find blood-soaked torment brought to life from the twisted nightmares of a child. One few, if any, would wake from. One that came to be known as The Cotton Candy Massacre: Part Toots.

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A Bodacious, Blood-soaked Bonanza!

Okay, to preface this rip-roarin’ review, I’d like to make one thing abundantly clear… I never knew myself to be such a frenzied, frothy-mouthed fan of circus-themed horror until I experienced the sickly-sweet-tasting mayhem of Christopher Robertson’s Cotton Candy Massacre books. And that is indeed the toot-tootin’ truth, my fellow horrorbles. The first installment in the series (which if you haven’t read yet, I must ask… what are you doing with your life? Hasten your ass to ze interwebz this instant and pillage a copy!) is a raucous, blood-spattering thrill ride to the umpteenth, cavity-inducing degree with enough demented clowns and gore to fill a circus tent a hundred times over! But enough about numero uno, that’s in the past! This is Part TOOTS we’re talkin’ about now, DAMNIT! Anywho, Part Toots takes place in the abandoned Franklin’s Fun Castle, now the nightmarish lair of the fiendishly clownified Stacey and her horde of homicidal clown dogs. Leigh and some other unsuspecting dimwits get suckered inside the desolate funhouse, endless carnage ensues (one particularly gruesome scene in a bowling alley is nothing short of exquisite!), and any possibility of escape seems like it ain’t gonna be in the cards for these folks. Let the fun commence! This book is nonstop boisterous entertainment from the title page ‘till the end credits when the fat clown-lady sings! Leigh (unequivocally my fave character!) is just as much of a badass bitch as always and still never fails to keep it real with her arsenal of debilitating, mic-drop-worthy quips. But ya know what really makes this story wacky and unsettling in all the best ways? CREEPO THE CLOWN! I won’t spoil the finer details of this absolute abomination of a circus performer, but just know when ol’ Creepo sashays on as the main attraction, it’s a heinously good time! Y’all should know by now how much I revel in deranged WTF moments, and Creepo delivered in sinister spades! Part Toots is a spectacular sequel to The Cotton Candy Massacre, and a tale all fans of circus and clown-themed horror should voraciously sink their sweet-toothed fangs into! Enjoy the kooky ride, horror lovelies!