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Name Dropping with Hayden by Dani Brown
Name Dropping with Hayden by Dani Brown


Name Dropping with Hayden by Dani Brown

Dani Brown


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"Michael Jackson is communicating with me."

It was hard to know if "Michael" (real name Hayden) was being serious or if this was another one of his lies. Ashleigh hadn't known him very long before he took over her life and now he wanted to spend her money that they needed for bills and food on an online necromancer.

Things don't get better for Ashleigh. He kills her with one punch, leaving her body to rot on the floor and her spirit floating around the house. He takes her bank card and hires that online necromancer. Ashleigh knows "Esmeralda" isn't a psychic but a series of men in a call centre pretending to be well, whatever their clients need at the time.

While "Michael" (real name Hayden) is occupied with the online necromancer, Ashleigh discovers his secrets in the trail of destruction he left behind him. She also discovered he was lying about popular bands causing him flashbacks. She thought he was lying. Luckily for her she has their albums in the loft.

While her body rots, mould spores from his mouth infest the house and his belief that Michael Jackson is communicating with him intensifies.