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The Midnight Pumpkin Fucker by Dani Brown
The Midnight Pumpkin Fucker by Dani Brown

The Midnight Pumpkin Fucker by Dani Brown

Dani Brown

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Trevor does all the housework at the insistence of his stepmother Frances and her pointy stick, electric cattle prod and little rat dog. If his stepbrothers do anything wrong it is somehow his fault. His father disappeared years ago leaving Trevor with the house and all the money, but Frances discredited him. He's trapped with no friends (unless mice and cockroaches count) and nowhere to go. 

The mafia are hosting a Halloween Ball at one of their nightclubs. It is their orders that everyone attends. Trevor needs something to wear. Before he can get changed he has to get his stepbrothers ready. When the Uber is nearly there he gets changed as quickly as he can. His stepbrothers tear the clothes from his back and leave him crying in the driveway. 

There's a lot his stepfamily don't know about the house. The black alter being one of them. With a bit of demonic assistance Trevor is ready to go to the Ball. 
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Timothy F.

What a beautiful story of a step son treated like trash. The description of step family is so over the top; how could you not love it. Fucking Cinderella on crack with a porn addiction. What a fantabulous short story. Highly recommend. Looking forward to Snow Queen.