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Cursed Plantation by D.E. Grant
Cursed Plantation by D.E. Grant


Cursed Plantation by D.E. Grant

D.E. Grant


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Trigger warnings: Rape, slavery and language

Being trapped in the unfamiliar territory of Louisiana and forced into slavery is just the beginning of the horrific and degrading experiences young Giselle Morcheaux has to endure at the hands of her sadistic slave master, John Weatherford. His cruelty and merciless treatment of Giselle and the others on his plantation Cottonwood only serves to betray his mask of genteel Southern hospitality. His continued acts of wanton depravity inflicted upon Giselle reach the point where he unwittingly unleashes an evil and malevolent force beyond John's comprehension that is hell-bent on destruction, retribution, and revenge.

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Todd L.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Great Read

I love a good slow burn story. This one is great. Well written and great delivery. I would say this is a must buy! Loved it.

Natalie W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Revenge has green eyes

After everything Giselle had been put through, I wanted a more sinister and messed up death for John. I wanted to see that place burnt to the ground because even after losing his sons, he still had his ‘little kingdom’ intact. The demon itself was brilliantly described and set the scene excellently well from the get-go. The succubus style possession is a great concept, and I loved the torment scene. That being said, I still had many questions, like Daisy's involvement after Giselle’s death is less and less, and I wanted to see more of her reaction to the family falling apart. I also want to see what happens to Giselle's child, as it would have been interesting to see how she is treated now she lives with the black slaves. I wanted to see how they interacted with her as a mixed-race child and illegitimate daughter of the master. I would have loved for John to realise at the end that Giselle was the reason for his downfall. I'd love to see a continuation to at least find out if the land remains cursed now Giselle's tormentor is dead. To me, I believe the wife was just as much an enabler to her husband's actions. Knowing what that poor girl went through, yet she still thought only of her social standing, made me sick to my stomach. To think that people would treat other humans no better than cattle infuriated me. It's also partially the reason I have such a strong black female character in my novel. The first part of the story pulls together with pace and emotion. I was making the scene of Giselle's demise even more heartbreaking. I only felt like, towards the middle, it slightly drags but then picks up speed and bloody violence that throws you back into the plot head first. The story itself was incredibly horrifying and intense. A shocking look at the world and how Black Slaves were treated. You'll want to look away, but it will force you to open your eyes to the truth of horror based on past events. But also, you'll be sitting through the whole novel, dying for Giselle to get her revenge. This a book that will drag you into the darkest side of humanity, an intense and brilliantly terrifying story. I can't wait for his next instalment

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Karmic revenge

I really enjoyed this story. Although it is a bit of a slow burn, it still keeps you turning those pages expectantly!! It made me so angry, and so sad, shocked and horrified. The main character is a nasty character, but good things come to those who wait right? A great tale of very much deserved karma!! 4/5