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The Fires of Garbagehead (Emerge #2) by Tim O'Neal
The Fires of Garbagehead (Emerge #2) by Tim O'Neal

The Fires of Garbagehead (Emerge #2) by Tim O'Neal

D&T Publishing

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In "The Fires of Garbagehead," a defrocked academic goes on a road trip to find himself. Instead, Dr. Daniel Gray finds a terrible evil lurking in the small town of Homeland, in which all ugliness is removed at a ghastly price.

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Todd L.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product


Great original idea!

Gerhard G.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Classic Horror!

Garbagehead is the town's sin eater. He is their Santa Clause, their Judas, and their priest. And now that you've met him, quick, forget your car. Forget your belongings. Take this old bike and get the hell out of Dodge. But does our protagonist heed the warnings he's recieved. Of course, not. And why would he? It's raining. And this is horror fiction. And by the time you discover what Garbagehead is really all about, it is way too late to turn back. I thought Garbagehead was great. It had a Ray Bradbury Theatre/Creepshow vibe that was compelling, and Tim O'Neal certainly knows how to write. Tim, if you read this, hit me up on Facebook messenger. I need to know where to find your other stories!

Diana R.
United States United States
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Thrilling Read!

Daniel ends up in Homeland during his travels and immediately notices the residents are a bit off. The longer he stays the worse things become. What a thrilling read! O’Neal does a wonderful job with the small town feel and tight knit community (even if they are creepy). Garbagehead was a unique character offering his people peace and pleasure. Recruiting more cult members makes him stronger and Daniel learns the hard way. If you’re driving through Homeland, don’t stop.

Dawn K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Fantastic Read!!

A bloke called Dr Daniel Gray decides to leave his shattered life behind him and start a fresh where no one knows him. On his way to new beginnings he decides he needs a pit stop and comes across a little town of Homeland. You'll soon enough find out this is a pit stop he'd wished he hadn't taken. On first appearances the place seems normal, but when he gets a drink and starts taking in his surroundings the people are seemingly too nice, he really gets an awful bad feeling in his gut and wants to get out. Thoroughly enjoyed this short story it was well written, threw me one way then the next. This book even had me shouting out at the character NO DON'T arghhhh! Looking forward to reading more from this author in the future.

Dakota D.
United States United States

Small Town Vibes, Big Town Cults

Welcome to the small town of Homeland, located on the edge of western civilization. Homeland has all the charms you’ve come to love from one light town. A diner where they know everyone’s name, a single mechanic that can fix just about anything, as long as the vehicle is American, and a Demi-god that has taken up residence and created its own cult in order to become stronger. Don’t mind the trash bags littering the streets, that’s just part of our town’s annual festival. We’ll get to burning that (among other things) tonight! I know you’re only passing through, but you may find this place hard to leave once you’ve seen what we have to offer. We all live guilt free, happy lives here in Homeland.