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The King's Ox - Audio Book by K. Trap Jones

The King's Ox - Audio Book by K. Trap Jones

Strigidae Publishing

From the Royal Palm Literary Award-winning author of The Sinner comes a dark fantasy story about uncommon allies uniting through dreadful means who must travel across an unforgiving realm of chaos filled with cavernous castles, brutal barbarian hordes, and hellish encampments in order to save the last member of the royal bloodline.

Scarred from the death of his parents, young Prince Uhlrich must set aside his eagerness for revenge in order to utilize the strength of the one person who is both his worst enemy and closest ally - a death-bred executioner who cannot see or speak, and stricken of all emotion. Enter a world of torment where trust is an unlikely relic and fear dwells within every infested shadow of despair. Where the ability to control an executioner can greatly alter the tides of war.






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