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Pet by Asher Ellis
Pet by Asher Ellis

Pet by Asher Ellis

Stitched Smile Publications

Less than nine hours after his supposed lethal injection, inmate Raymond Phillips wakes to find himself once again behind bars. Only this time, he isn’t in his old penitentiary cell. Cage is the only word for this type of enclosure, and this one looks like it was made for the world’s largest parakeet. Stranger still, a metal collar has been locked around his neck—one that reads "Kaiser."Enter Stefan Hellström, a German aristocrat whose absurd wealth allows him to buy anything his little girl, Amelia, desires. And today, he’s surprising her with a new family pet. Of course, like all domesticated animals, it will have to be trained. It will have to be broken. But with the assistance of his loyal butlers, Stefan is confident Kaiser will learn to behave. At the mercy of his new ruthless master, Ray can feel what’s left of his sanity slipping through his fingers. And he knows his humanity won’t be far behind if he can’t figure out a way to escape. Either way, Ray will learn a lesson he will never forget: The only thing worse than being a prisoner……is being a PET.






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