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THE GREEDY AND THE ENVIOUS: Extreme Horror (The SeVIIn Sick Sins Books 4 & 5) by Kevin Sweeney
THE GREEDY AND THE ENVIOUS: Extreme Horror (The SeVIIn Sick Sins Books 4 & 5) by Kevin Sweeney

THE GREEDY AND THE ENVIOUS: Extreme Horror (The SeVIIn Sick Sins Books 4 & 5) by Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney

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The twins lived a life of incredible wealth and privilege. Anything they wanted, they got... though what they got was never enough. They wanted more, and more, and more... But now, at the mercy of the insane Disciple of Iscariot and his followers, the only thing they want is for the nightmare to end...

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Donna L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Fun read!

Fantastically obscene, vicious and warped. This book puts the extreme in extreme horror.

Gerhard G.

And he called it "Schadenfreude as a spectator sport," which is genius if you ask me.

Parts IV & V are fucking grim.

Andy C.

Twisted Tormented Twins

At first I felt a little bummed that two of the sins were combined, but Kevin executes this story with finesse. It all makes perfect sense why they are combined in the end, and really it may be odd if it had been different.The story follows twins Castor and Pollux. Of course, they are destined to be The Disciple’s latest victims. They too have exploited the dark web with their videos clearly exposing their sins. After being abducted they find themselves cellotaped together back to back in a void room except for cameras and speakers. Although there are only two of them they must be the one most full of three things by the end of the time The Disciple allows. This story again was written a bit differently, and close to The Sloth in style. However, it seemed to work very well for this entry. Although, I’ll say it again that I really love the writing style of The Lusty the best. It made me feel so much more immersed in the story. Nevertheless, this, and all, are must reads for any extreme horror lover! I give The Greedy and The Envious four and a half turds out of five decayed teeth. This entry may be a tie with The Sloth as my second favorite. I only deducted half a point because of the ending. It simply left me wanting more. Like someone who hasn’t gotten enough to satiate their appetite. I also took into account the writing style again. Nevertheless, this series is an absolute must read! I just could not stop, and actually asked when is the next entry?! I’m dying here!



That was nuts!!!! Utterly grotesque!! Completely brutal!! Stomach churning!! But bloody Brilliant!! More please!

Simon M.


"You’ve been at this for an hour and I can’t keep track of who has swallowed who’s what and who has stuffed what where...” The end to one of the most nauseating short reads I’ve ever had the misfortune and privilege of reading. I’m a huge fan of Sweeney’s work--I’m even more proud of him than his Mom--but “The Greedy & The Envious” is his most revolting and brilliant work to date. It was so fucking puktastic I cried with joy.