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Land Shark by Alex Gonzalez
Land Shark by Alex Gonzalez

Land Shark by Alex Gonzalez

Madness Heart Press

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Something horrific is happening on Marisol Island. A deranged man is attacking innocent beach goers. Massive, prehistoric sharks have started appearing in the water. The stars in the sky have started to dim. When two brothers, P.J. and Dennis, come face to face with a cosmic evil, they’re forced to make a decision: stay and fight or flee to the mainland. Quickly, the line between bravery and foolishness starts to blur. The history between the two starts to boil. Throw in Max, a journalist linked to two of the victims, and the whole nightmare seems to get more tangled. Between the quarter life crisis of being in your twenties and the real terror of a man feeding you to sharks, Land Shark compounds tangible blood and guts with existential dread. There’s something in the water, and it’s been there for aeons.