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Effucuss by Tim Eagle
Effucuss by Tim Eagle
Effucuss by Tim Eagle

Effucuss by Tim Eagle

Tim Eagle

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Charles “Chuckles” Effucuss, a lonely courier, reflects on life, on death, drugs, sex, and his future in a finite reality. He meets and befriends Sabre, a washed-out rock star. Chuck, enamored with his hero, and dreams of fatherhood, is drawn into Sabre's web of lies, and deceit. Does Chuck find that cliched meaning of life? Can he escape the prison of drugs and toxic friendship and move forward? The tale of Effucuss unfolds fast, and concludes a side to a story that not even the Stevats Chronicle has been able to close. Meet Chuckles Effucuss, a man that may have answers that you’ve only struggled to perceive. 

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Andy C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Best of the Best!

Effucuss by Tim Eagle is the final chapter in the Vasectomus Trilogy. This entry is a tiny bit longer than the previous entries, and is a treat to devour. I feel as though Eagle has honed his writing skill, and the improvement and growth can be seen within these pages. Effucuss is a story that encompasses events surrounding both Sabre and Sue, and Tim brings a new player to the party named Chuck. Chuck is a simple lab courier that makes pick ups and deliveries to labs such as blood work. Chuck also struggles with a bit of an addiction problem which leads him into the realm of Sabre’s life. As a friendship blooms Sabre keeps requesting biological waste as a favor. Chuck isn’t very keen on the arrangement, but he is a bit enamored being around the musician who used to play in Batshitz. Chuck goes with the flow until strange dreams begin to invade his mind, and Sabre begins to become a bit of a burden with a bad attitude. Will Chuck be caught stealing? Will he solve the mysteries of his dreams? Or is he just doped up out of his mind? Effucuss by Tim Eagle is an excellent ending to a bizarre tale. I must say Effucuss is my favorite of the trilogy. I give Effucuss five tentacles out of five biohazard viles. Tim did a fantastic job with this trilogy, and I suggest that you pick up your copies today! Again, they are only available in ebook format on Until next time, my friends.

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Doctor. Doctor. Give Me the Blues...

In the third installment of the Vasectomus Trilogy, Tim Eagle brings us back around to Charles Effucuss, the former courier who supplied Sabre with the fluids he required for his parasitic children. While "Chuckles" was a bit player in the original story, Effucuss fleshes him out in detail. From the moment he begins buying drugs from Sabre, the small-town dynamic of Stevats begins to feel like a force of destiny. Coincidences and happenstance proliferate his everyday life, propelling the young man on a collision course that will take him from isolation and sexism, through the shattered remains of Sue and Sabre's doomed marriage, to a peculiar sort of fatherhood. The bizarro and body horror elements from Vasectomus are back in full force in this conclusion to the trilogy. As Eagle takes the components he introduced and amplifies them for this final tale, we're left wondering how and why all of these events came to pass. But perhaps it's best not to question these things.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Bizarre and horrific.

This was another bizarre little tale in Tim Eagles 'Vasectamus' trilogy! I've really enjoyed all 3 of them, all were creepy, horrific, brutal and strange, and this one is my favourite of them all! Charles is a bit of a billy-no-mates, but when he befriends a burnt out rockstar by the name of Sabre, I don't think he was prepared for the events that followed! And neither was I It was a great, fun read. A perfect continuation of the series! 4/5 test tubes from me