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Sin in My Heart (Blackeye #2) by Satanic Lil
Sin in My Heart (Blackeye #2) by Satanic Lil
Sin in My Heart (Blackeye #2) by Satanic Lil

Sin in My Heart (Blackeye #2) by Satanic Lil

Satanic Lil

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Lillian is a 17 year old senior in high school. She moved to Witch's Creek from NYC two years ago and the townsfolk hate her and her parents. Her classmates express this by throwing things at her and the captain of the varsity football team tries to force himself on her. Principle Graveline punishes Lillian for this. One Friday afternoon her best friend comes up from NYC and they decide to explore the woods behind LIllian's house. They discover there aren't any animals, except some sluggish wasps and hornets that aren't actually hornets. The path behind Lillian's house leads to a clearing with stone pews. The townspeople watched Lillian and Kaylee walk through the woods on CCTV and wait for them in black robes. 


"I bumped into a door."

Do you love Lifetime Thrillers and "women empowerment" movies of the week? Do you wish they were a little more violent?  Do you search endlessly for unrated gore-filled Lifetime director's cuts on Shudder?

Today is your lucky day.

Introducing Blackeye, a new Godless Original series. Our team of Splattertime writers were kicked out of the standard cable network writers' rooms for being too hardcore.

They bring us their stories. Their voices will be heard!