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Metal Demon by Julie Hiner
Metal Demon by Julie Hiner
Metal Demon by Julie Hiner


Metal Demon by Julie Hiner

Julie Hiner

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A death metal singer...
A metal feasting demon…
Insatiable hunger and thirst...
A possession of primal extremes…

Elena is a death metal demon. She spends her time in dive joints dripping in human juices hunting for her next meal. Only the aura of a savage death metal singer can satiate her, until she feasts on Sage.

Sage is the lead singer of Soiled Carcass. He is a death metal god on a booze and sex doused tour with a reputation to keep. During a performance at Bad Idol, he blacks out and hits the stage. When he comes to, he sees a raven-haired snake-tattooed woman. He suffers extreme depletion and grasps to piece together the blurry images of the evening.

Cannibalistic hunger and insatiable thirst drive Elena to devour things that are off limits. Images of a young girl with soil caked hands digging in a graveyard invade her dreams as her ghoulish past haunts her.

When a hundred-year-old face with caverns for eyes and dripping in black ichor invade Sage's mind, he suspects a connection to the rocker woman. Reliving horrifying images of a heroine infested past, he's determined to hunt the woman down despite his fear of his own insanity.

When their worlds collide, the strength of a demon is tested and a possession of primal extremes unfolds.

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Another Hit

I sped through this and was so sad when there was no more. The story was a bit of an oldie but a goodie. Demons feeding off people except this time it’s specifically off of front men of metal bands. This story was saucy, violent and featured some great band names. It’s weird to say but a very realistic portrayal of what would happen in real life. Lots of action, lots of spicy moments and there was still time to cram in some gore. I’ve read quite a bit from this author and I think this one now tops my favourite’s list. Absolutely marvellous.