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Tourniquet: A Dark Occult Thriller (Gushers Series Book 3) by Chuck Buda
Tourniquet: A Dark Occult Thriller (Gushers Series Book 3) by Chuck Buda

Tourniquet: A Dark Occult Thriller (Gushers Series Book 3) by Chuck Buda

Chuck Buda


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The cult is divided. One of the members is dead. Now there is no turning back. The race is on to end the power struggle. And bury the demons which have been unleashed upon the town.

Can the seniors of Tenafly High School hide what they’ve done? Which side will harness the black magic to win the battle for supremacy? Is there time to save the group of friends? Or will the blood soak the streets before it is done? Only one person has what it takes to finish what they started.

But the cost might be too high.

Tourniquet is the long-awaited sequel to the cult hits, The First Cut and Slashing Away.

Don’t miss the final chapter in the Gushers Series!

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Mr. Frank
More Gore. Less Whore.

I LOVE Chuck Buda's GUSHERS Series. Book 3, Tourniquet (or TURKEY NECK as I lovingly dub it) rounds out the trilogy perfecftly. Anyone looking to ride the same ride from book 1 to book 3 will be sorely disappointed. What makes Tourniquet, and the entire seies, work is their ability to stand on their own merit. Book one is an erotic thriller sure to get you tugging your bone at least once. Book 2 shifts gears and places focus on the magic and supernatural. Book 3, TOURNIQUET, shifts into SPLATTERPUNK realms where, as a reader. It feels Buda is most at home. If he doesnt recieve a 2019 nominatuon for the Splatterpunk awards it will be a crime. Take the GUSHERS journey and discover a hidden dark talent. It takes 3 books, but Chuck Buda knows how ro sneak up behind you and yell, "Boo!"