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GODLESSUnderground & Indie Horror Forever I the Skid Row Slugger is here!
The Slab City Event by Nate Southard

The Slab City Event by Nate Southard

Sinister Grin Press

The Slab City Riot was supposed to be a weekend of hot rods, choppers, and rock and roll, just a bunch of working stiffs cutting loose. But then a horde of dead, hungry killers charges out of the desert, and The Slab City Riot becomes a slaughter. Few survive the initial attack, and those who do find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by death and chaos. Misfits from all walks of life, these desperate survivors must fight back or die. But the desert is a harsh place, and the dead don’t stop. And Slab City is one hell of a town.






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