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The Rot by Stephen Cooper
The Rot by Stephen Cooper
The Rot by Stephen Cooper


The Rot by Stephen Cooper

Splatploitation Press


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Something sinister is happening in England.

A wave of horrific violence and depravity sweeps the country without warning. A Rot. An evil presence with no boundaries, causing carnage, chaos, and gore, wherever it manifests. An ominous voice, pushing people beyond their limits to commit extreme acts, while dragging their morals and ethics straight to hell. The Rot feeds off hate, and it’s never been easier to manipulate and use that hatred for its own nefarious purpose. The Rot has a hold on the country; the country just doesn’t know it yet.

Due to the very nature of the story, this book contains extreme horror, disgusting language, and an array of trigger inducing situations. If you are easily offended, then maybe read something else, but if you think the world’s going to hell and want 

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Dave M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Boss book this… it’s like a series of short stories with a linking theme. The rot is bad… it’s very bad… it’s dips into your deepest darkest thoughts… and tells you they are OK. What is it? Evil, that’s what

United States United States

The Rot

A bunch of stories revolving around people who hear their "inner voice" and do unspeakable things. Each person is a story in itself...with "The Rot" effecting each one. I could only give it 5 ⭐. Since I have been in the book business for 43 years, I came up with my own rating system...0 - 10. This is definitely a "10"!!! I could not put it down!!! Trigger warnings ⚠️ This one is a doozy!!!