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The Phantom Cabinet by Jeremy Thompson

The Phantom Cabinet by Jeremy Thompson

Necro Publications

"A well-written and expertly arranged novel that belongs up there with any big-name horror book currently shelved in bookstores." — Mr. Pasty, Ain't It Cool News

Space Shuttle Conundrum collides with empty atmosphere, passing from known reality into the realm beyond life. At the same time, a dead newborn is resurrected amidst a hospital-wide poltergeist infestation.

What connects these ghastly occurrences and how can the fate of humanity rest on a single boy’s shoulders?

As the haunted Douglas Stanton spends his adolescence an outcast—his only friend the ghost of a long lost astronaut—a porcelain-masked entity lurks in the shadows, planning Douglas’ demise. Because Douglas is the key… the key to the door… a door between what we know and what we fear. And when the key is turned…realities will come crashing together.

When Heaven and Hell don’t exist…what does?

Step into The Phantom Cabinet…







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