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The Perils of Dating Celine by Peter Caffrey
The Perils of Dating Celine by Peter Caffrey
The Perils of Dating Celine by Peter Caffrey

The Perils of Dating Celine by Peter Caffrey

Peter Caffrey

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After watching a TV Chef’s hour-long special on all things pasta, the urge to purchase a pasta machine becomes all encompassing for Terry. After tracking down a second-hand one on-line, he makes the purchase, and when the machine arrives it includes a note from the mysterious Celine.

There’s something about her note which he finds intriguing, and after fantasising about contacting her, he bites the bullet and makes the call. When they finally meet, all he knows about Celine is that she loves pasta, and she has a mysterious disfigurement.

The Perils of Dating Celine is a modern-day love story; a glimpse into what could happen if people put aside concerns about random interactions with strangers, and simply followed their hearts.

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Mexico Mexico


Por la portada imaginaba toparme con algo de canibalismo al estilo Hannibal Lecter, y sin saber nada más, me adentré por completo a la lectura. No esperaba nada de eso; las primeras páginas me hicieron olvidar el título, la portada e incluso el sitio en el que encontré éste libro. Es breve pero consistente y directo, la narrativa en tercera persona me pareció lo suficientemente inmersiva para mantenerme a la expectativa y me gané una que otra sorpresa. Es un buen libro para pasar el rato, no siento que pueda pedir mucho más.

Mexico Mexico
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Primera Impresión

Acabo de empezar con este tipo de libros después de ver una recomendación en tiktok, me encantó fue de lo más inesperado y me dejó satisfecha la trama poco a poco como se convierte en animal y el detalle con el que se explican las acciones y lo que sienten los personajes es maravilloso lo recomiendo y lo leí por que el que me gusta le encanta este género jaja

simon m.
Australia Australia
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Bacon flavored pussy needs to be invented

I went into this story blind, which was a big mistake with a Caffrey yarn. I had to pick my jaw off my kindle when the story changed from pasta making to running wild with a pack of stray dogs in the pursuit of bacon flavored minge.

Basile L.
France France
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Definitely interesting

Yay, this is offbeat. Yay this is short and definitely worth the read. By the time it gets off track you'll want to know how this ends.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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First of all......Giiiiiiiinnnnnnoooooooooooo!!!! (The Brits will get this one!) I love Peter Caffrey's fucked up beyond all reason mind! Absolutely LOVE IT!!!! This story is another fine example! As hilarious as always! As sick as always! As twisted as always! As depraved as always! And as brilliant as always! What starts off with the purchase of a pasta machine, ends in......well, um....Mayhem! Celine has a skin disfigurement, which makes her a recluse, but Terry can see past that to her inner beauty, and tries to break her out of her shell and get her out in public again. It works! But things take a very strange turn...... I don't know where I was expecting this to go, but it wasn't where it went! Fantastically entertaining stuff!! 5/5 sexy bacon strips