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The Missing Stage by Adler Tittle
The Missing Stage by Adler Tittle
The Missing Stage by Adler Tittle

The Missing Stage by Adler Tittle

Adler Tittle

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A home invasion.

One mother, two children.

An impossible choice.

You’re not ready for this. Expect TRIGGERS.

"The Missing Stage is a heart-wrenching tale of extreme horror in the vein of Sophie's Choice with a bitter, bloody twist.” Erica Summers, author of Vanity Kills and Writhe

The Missing Stage plunges you into the abyss. A grim autopsy of impossible choices, and their unthinkable results.” Ryan Harding, author of Transcendental Mutilation

“If you enjoy disturbing fiction, this is one you do not want to miss. Highly recommended for fans of extreme horror!” Brian Bowyer, author of AUTUMN GOTHIC 

“Bleak and affecting: this made me feel like shit." Megan Stockton, author of BLUEJAY

“A truly unforgettable tale which gives readers an uncomfortable glimpse into the darkest corners of human nature and suffering…” Rowland Bercy Jr., author of Unbortion

“…has darkness that will carve an unwelcome niche into your soul with an emotional chainsaw and let it fester there for a very long time.” Jeffrey Caston, author of Food

“Adler Tittle is the type of author that looks you in the eye and smiles as he gut punches you and rips your heart out through your ass with his writing.” R.E. Sargent, author of ONE-STAR REVIEW

Approximately 8400 Words

“This is horror without the need for gratuitous gore and visceral blood-spatter: it’s a horror that’s going to keep the reader awake at night, frightened by all the implications of what they’ve read.” Ashley Lister, author of CONVERSATIONS WITH DEAD SERIAL KILLERS.

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Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product


WOW!!!! This is EXTREME!! Not so much in a blood and gore way, but in a psychological, sick, headfuck of a way! It will rip your heart right out, stomp all over it, tear it to pieces, chew it up, and spit it right back out again! A home invasion story that packs a powerful, soul destroying punch! One that will leave you shell shocked and reeling! Blair has fucked up! Big time! She’s killed her relationship with Tim, for good, but she is more than paying for her infidelities. In the way she can no longer even look herself in the eye, in her refusal to communicate or to forgive. She hates herself, all it took was a few moments of thoughtless, selfish behaviour and she has lost it all. Nothing could possibly make her feel worse than she does….could it? In the depths of regret and shame, she is caught off guard. And that brief moment will change her life, dramatically, forever! She is faced with a huge, unthinkable and horrific choice to make, and there is no backing out! She must make a terrible decision, a decision that will see her wanting to end her own life, and she must make it fast! But, to end her own life would only make things so much worse…. Will she ever come to terms with her trauma? Can she ever move forward? You will be left wondering what you would do in that situation, how you'd react, whether you could ‘survive’ it. Does anyone truly survive a situation like Blair finds herself in? This is a highly thought provoking piece of fiction, and thank god it is only fiction, in this instance anyway! It's a deeply dark and disturbing read, shocking and brutally heart wrenching. A story of depression, regret, self hatred and desperation. It will have you shaking your head repeatedly in disbelief and gasping out loud. It shows the strength in female characters and it's so well written that it'll claw its way into your soul, and it will reside there for a long time to come.

Pointy C.
New Zealand New Zealand
I recommend this product

Fucking heart murder

Talk about taking a debut to the face! There’s dark, and then there’s fucking DARK… This is most definitely the latter. Seriously. This one is really. fucking. dark. Can’t wait to see what Tittle has in store for us next!