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The Grinkle Nonk : A Morality Tale (four eyed version) by D.E. McCluskey
The Grinkle Nonk : A Morality Tale (four eyed version) by D.E. McCluskey


The Grinkle Nonk : A Morality Tale (four eyed version) by D.E. McCluskey

D.E. McCluskey


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The Grinkle Nonk is a myth, an urban legend, folklore made up to get children in on time, to get them to go to sleep at night, or to eat up all their greens.

The legend tells of a huge, ferocious beast that lives in the forest. It eats naughty children, and picks off unsuspecting, or lost hikers.

It is a wild, dangerous animal… but it's JUST a legend, isn’t it?

Harper is new in town. She hasn’t made any friends yet, and fears that she will always be an outsider in this strange new world she is living.

Until she meets a surprising new friend, one who is a loner, and an outcast, just like her.

However, there are eyes watching this new friendship, envious eyes…

The Grinkle Nonk is a morality tale from the dark mind of D E McCluskey, author of Z: A Love Story, and Mutant Superhero Zombie Killing Disco Zombies from Outer Space (with Uzis)
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    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    The Grinkle Nonk is coming for you

    The people of Noaville have a little rhyme the say, a rhyme about a great beastie in the surrounding woods called the Grinkle Nonk. He’s ravenous and ugly. And he’s a good story to tell the kids to keep them in bed at night. But maybe he isn’t just a story. Newcomer Harper is the outcast. New to town and in a wheelchair, the other kids aren’t too sure about her. Nor is she of them. But she does meet a new friend, another outcast the others want nothing to do with; the Grinkle Nonk. A well done story about outcasts, friendship, and how angry mobs solve NOTHING. Highly suggested as I really enjoyed this quick read. As usual, McClusky likes to write his endings with hairpins turns that makes it even better.

    Gerhard G.
    Canada Canada
    I recommend this product

    The Gringle Nonk brought to mind that one scene from Natural Born Killers.  Maybe you will see it too, when you get to the end?

    The Grinkle Nonk is either a well written fluff piece with a surprise not for children ending, as the author claims, or there is some sort of warning to be gleaned (a modern day fable). I tend to think the latter, but maybe that is the pessimist in me. Either way, The Grinkle Nonk leaves me thinking...

    Corrina M.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product

    Fairytale or horror story...?

    Im a big fan of Davids horror stories, so when he asked me to beta read The Grinkle Nonk sometime last year, I was honoured, and obviously jumped at the chance! Then, as I started to read, I thought he'd sent me one of his childrens books by mistake! This was a fantastic, perfectly paced tale, that reels you in completely and then throws a shockingly brutal ending at you! It really lulls you into a false sense of security, but a pleasant one, that you want to continue reading. You feel for the main characters plight, and cheer when the mischievious kids plan backfires on them - horribly! This man can do extreme horror, I mean, he puts the extreme into extreme horror, but he can also lead you down a beautiful woodland path and mess with your head in horrific ways! This story left me with a big satisfied grin on my face! Fantastic!

    Jason N.
    United States United States


    Really enjoyed this fun tale of a girl befriending a monster.