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The Celtic Curse: Banshee by D.J. Doyle
The Celtic Curse: Banshee by D.J. Doyle


The Celtic Curse: Banshee by D.J. Doyle

D.J. Doyle


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A young gypsy woman is murdered for falling in love with the son of an Irish clan leader. She curses the men responsible and their bloodline. For generations, the Banshee seeks revenge on the men of the clan by slaying them and anyone else who gets in her way.

Present day London; Sean realises his son, Kevin, is in danger of becoming the Banshee’s next victim. He travels to Dublin to investigate the origin of the curse.

There he learns that an ancient heritage site holds the key to defeating the curse. Can he also discover what he must do to save his son’s life and break the curse that has been haunting his family for generations?

“Hypnotically frightening, and that's putting it lightly.”

“I found myself hooked and engulfed immediately and could not stop reading.”

“Brilliant Twist on The Banshee Legend”

“I have a serious love/hate for this book & it's brilliant!!

“The excellent use of imagery gave quite a chilling mood during the scenes with the banshee, and I literally felt the hairs on the back of my neck raise when the characters experienced the same effect. Well done!”

“Very well written and highly amusing at times, hide behind the chair at others, on the edge of your seat and biting your nails while all the time turning the page as quick as you can read to find out what happens.”