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The Best of Intentions by Joshua Macmillan
The Best of Intentions by Joshua Macmillan

The Best of Intentions by Joshua Macmillan

D&T Publishing


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TEN DAYS… that was all the slip of paper tucked under his windshield had read. At first, it appeared to be a misunderstanding. A simple prank meant for someone else. 
Corey Loflin has been dealing with his PTSD ever since his final deployment with the United States Army. His nightmares are touch and go; only flaring up when he is under stress from his day job as the Supervisor for a security company.

Little did he know, a typical morning of sipping coffee and having his morning cigarette would be the starting point for his descent.

His workload becomes a problem, and his nightmares begin to slowly unravel his mind.

His abuse of alcohol doesn’t make matters any better and his grip on reality begins to falter when another note arrives- this one reading EIGHT DAYS…

He is convinced that someone aims to do him and his family harm.

How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

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    Donna L.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    You'll want to look away but you can't

    Get ready for a psychological spiral into madness that ends in heartbreaking tragedy. I figured where it was leading, but I just could not stop until I reached the end. It's like an accident, you know it's horrible but you have to look. This was one hell of a debut.

    Shelly R.
    Glued To My Kindle Amazing!

    "You won't be able to save us, Darling." Ok, let me tell you - for a debut novel this one was just amazing. I was glued to my Kindle, going as far as to propping it up on my desk at work so I could keep reading as much as possible! So, we have Corey - back in civilian life after his final deployment. His wife and son his only focus - his only reason for everything. He loves his family. He loves his job. Things are finally the way he always pictured his life would be after the Army. Until the strange notes start showing up. He'll do anything to protect his family - he just doesn't realize what it will cost him. Corey just about broke my heart. Struggling with PTSD, the nightmares, and so blinded by the need to protect, he can't think straight. As the reader, you are privy to the downward spiral that's happening, but Corey only sees the danger his family is in. I would categorize this as a domestic thriller/thriller/psychological thriller. I would add horror due to the graphic nature of the nightmares, and that ending - Good Lord, I just about broke in half. I was not expecting that at all, but I will tell you, I was on the edge of my seat! Great read! Definitely pick this one up - just be aware of your triggers.

    Josh S.
    A Countdown to Terror

    Joshua Macmillan’s novella, THE BEST OF INTENTIONS (D&T Publishing, 2021), is about Corey, a war vet with PTSD suffering through a disturbing recurring nightmare of the gruesome death of his lovely wife and young son. Things only get worse when notes start appearing in random spots around his home and property, counting down from ten days, to eight days, to…what? Police unwilling to step in, Corey prepares for the worst, arming himself to the teeth and vowing to do whatever it takes to protect himself and his family. But does he stand a chance against the dark forces out to get him? The answer to that question—and many more—will ultimately be revealed in this tense, fast-paced, and engaging novella.