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Strange Corridors by Harvey Bastard and Candle Phillips
Strange Corridors by Harvey Bastard and Candle Phillips
Strange Corridors by Harvey Bastard and Candle Phillips

Strange Corridors by Harvey Bastard and Candle Phillips

Gloom House Publishing

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Hospitals are weird and creepy places. So much transpires in their chilly, sterile rooms and long hallways. Strange Corridors tells two such stories. One follows Rebecca into the basement offices and complex halls of Saint Jude's Hospital, where she encounters one bizarre and disturbing thing after another. All she wants is the proper treatment for a persistent and agonizing affliction in her head, but the hospital and her head have other plans. The other story details the life of Grayson, a morgue worker at Saint Jude's Hospital, as he goes about his daily business. But there is more to Grayson than his normal exterior and carefully constructed personality. If his everyman mask were to slip, one would see a sociopathic smile and eyes as dead as the bodies on his gurneys. But Grayson has a grand purpose, at least in his own mind, and he labors passionately to see it realized.
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United States United States
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Too Strange to put down

Yet again, Harvey Bastard takes us to wonderfully weird places. All Rebecca wants is some relief from her pain. Instead we go on a wild trek through a suspect hospital and other oddities. A trippy and engaging story, its highly entertaining and you never know what is around the next corner. Candle Phillips brings us to the night shift as a morgue worker has grander designs that just pushing around dead bodies all night. We get to see the completion of their ecstatic vision, as well as all the depravity that goes along with it. I really want to read more of Candle's work. Might as well walk these Strange Corridors, you'll enjoy them.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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SCRAPE by Harvey Bastard - Rebecca is suffering from bad headaches and is resorting to Behavioural Health at the local hospital to try and fix it! She stumbles upon a lot of strange characters, experiences some strange occurrences and even stumbles into a Karens Anonymous meeting! When she finally arrives at her destination, her doctor suggests she tries some meditation, relaxing right? Serene, peaceful, mind altering? Well, kind of! All hell breaks loose, quite literally! Bizarre, horrific and nightmarish. A quick and entertaining read, well written and smooth flowing with some great imagery. THE GARDEN OF THE FORGOTTEN By Candle Phillips - Grayson is a mortician who likes to rehome some of the bodies he encounters….to his garden! The process he uses is pretty sick and brutal, yet brilliant. I found this story absolutely fascinating! It kept me intrigued from start to finish. Bizarre, insane, depraved, chilling and horrific, this was right up my street! The ending was awesome! I will be keeping an eye out for more from Candle that's for sure!!

Candace N.
United States United States
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Trailing Spinal Cords!

Corridors by Harvey Bastard is a quick, fun, and funny read. Not only am I glad to no longer be 23, but also to never suffer the consequences of snorting cosmic dust. We meet the main character, Rebecca, as she's attempting to find the Behavioral Health office in a hospital basement. The ensuing search is as terrifyingly hilarious as when she finally reaches her destination. 4 trailing spinal cords The Garden of The Forgotten by Phillips: After this story I have but one request...When I die, I'm tapping you into having me immediately cremated...seriously...all of you bring matches. If the horror community is to be believed there are way too many 'tortured artists' residing in mortuaries...emphasis on the torture. We follow Grayson, a mortuary employee in a hospital, who has quite the…. let’s call it artistic, vision. Is it a disgustingly morbid one? Of course. Did I need to pause the story a few times to battle down surges of nausea? Of course. Is this story amazing from beginning to end? Let me answer that with another the Pieta an iconic piece of art? Answer: Hell yes, it is. Somebody else please read this so we can talk about the ending. Phillips is flawless. 5 instances of creepy elevator etiquette PS: the author bios have my dark little heart all aflutter. Reviewed by Dark Rose of Uncomfortably Dark Horror.

Donna L.
United States United States
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Two extremely fantastic and disturbing stories! Scrape caught me off guard with the ending but it was brilliant. I really want to know more about the creature! Garden of the Forgotten was disgustingly beautiful.

Australia Australia
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A wild ride set in a creepy hospital

Two horrifying, gory and dark short stories in one volume. A quick easy to read fun read. The first story is an intriguing, curious and trippy ride which will leave you questioning what on earth you just read. The second is much darker, graphic and shocking. It's a quick easy to read in one sitting kind of book. I look forward to reading more by these authors, who knows maybe I already have. I'd highly recommend this book.