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Slaughter Box by Carver Pike

Slaughter Box by Carver Pike

Carver Pike


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This is a stand-alone story in the Diablo Snuff world. It does not need to be read after other books in the series.

Kong has experienced evil in many shapes and forms. From the death of a childhood friend to military buddies blown up in a landmine incident, one thing has always been consistent – the tall man who’s always there. The demon clad in black never says a word, but he oversees every evil deed as it unfolds. Kong has tried outrunning him, but he always seems to catch up.

Kong has made it his life’s mission to hunt down the evil entity known as Diablo Snuff. The name is spray painted on the sides of train cars and whispered about in the shadows, but he’s unable to uncover any real leads. It’s all talk. All hearsay. All lore.

Ready to give up, Kong heads home and tries his hand at a new, normal life. He even gets up the courage to ask his best friend’s sister out on a date. He’s known Sammy all her life, and she’s had a crush on him since they were kids. Tonight is the night. Pulling the flyer he found stuck to his windshield out of his pocket, Kong decides he’s going to take her to the grand re-opening of the 5-Star Movie Plex downtown.

What can go wrong?

If he only knew… you don’t find Diablo Snuff. It finds you. You've met Kong in Passion & Pain and in The Grindhouse: Diablo Snuff 2. This is his stand-alone story.



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