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Slashing Away: A Dark Occult Thriller (Gushers Series Book 2) by Chuck Buda
Slashing Away: A Dark Occult Thriller (Gushers Series Book 2) by Chuck Buda

Slashing Away: A Dark Occult Thriller (Gushers Series Book 2) by Chuck Buda

Chuck Buda


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The members of The First Cut have a new dilemma. Boredom has transformed into a struggle for dominance. And the members have called on dark forces to help them.

With different factions forming in the cult, who can be trusted now? Can the seniors at Tenafly High School keep their secrets? Or will their parents discover the true nature of their children’s lives? With nothing to lose, some people will go to great lengths to achieve their dreams.

Even if it involves killing.

Slashing Away is another intense cornucopia of occult horror with sexually explicit matter. It is the sequel to the cult hit, The First Cut. Fans of shows like True Blood devour this series like candy.

Slashing Away is the second novel in the Gushers series by Chuck Buda. It is approximately 62,000 words and contains adult language, sexually explicit scenes and graphic violence. Reader discretion is heavily advised.

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Mr. Frank
More murder MILFS than you can shake a stick at.

SLASHING AWAY, Book 2 of Chuck Buda's Gushers Series is a bloody sucker punch to your eyes. A strong follow up to the opening salvo, there was a lot to live up to. And it did. All the stakes are bigger, the pools of blood are deeper and the sex (oh, the depraved ritualistic sex) is dirtier. The book starts out feeding the salatious sex that made the first book so spicy. Like the first I was left wanting a deeper peek behind the curtains of the parents lives. But then, just like every good cult, the thing that lures you in is yanked away and replaced with the thing that won't let you leave. Thats when the violence kicks in and the blood flows thicker than Stoker's Dracula and well, things get way worse for everyone. SLASHING AWAY has everything you love from the first then grabs the knob and turns it up. The ending is hot enough to leave you eager for the final cut in book 3. Alas, you'll have to savor the flavor of this extreme offering until then.