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Sew Sorry by Aron Beauregard & Daniel J. Volpe
Sew Sorry by Aron Beauregard & Daniel J. Volpe

Sew Sorry by Aron Beauregard & Daniel J. Volpe

Aron Beauregard


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Henry’s mother has enough money to live more than comfortably. But the only comfort she can concentrate on is her bizarre obsession. She can’t help but constantly seek out the donation bins on the darker side of the city. The only problem is, she isn’t putting clothing into them, she’s taking it out. Until one frigid night when she accidentally unveils her selfish secret to everyone. After the revelation, the layer of shame left lathered on Henry becomes backbreaking. As Halloween approaches, macabre ideas manifesting in Henry’s head spark a series of events that will lead to sins far worse than stealing.

Garrison is hungry and cold. The only thing in his sights is finding a way to turn a dollar and his next foul meal. His own perseverance knows no bounds. His diabolical deeds are hidden in the shadowy alleys. He aims to survive, no matter who he has to trick or turn out in the process. But after burning too many bridges, he finds himself on an island. Alone, save for the salivating teeth of vengeance.

When a tarnished teenager and heartless hobo collide, the streets will run red. Rich or poor, we all rot the same.

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Dakota D.
United States United States
A Story Inter”twined”

This match made in hell did not disappoint. This way a perfect mixture of Aron’s use of the darkness of reality and Daniel’s talent of creating the most disgusting imagery. I really love how the two stories are intertwined, creating something unique that will not soon be forgotten.

Nick W.
United States United States
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Two indie legends

When I heard that two of my favorite authors, who by the way are two of the best in the indie horror scene, got together and wrote a book, I was beyond excited. The minute sew sorry became available, it was on my kindle and jumped immediately over my entire TBR list. Sew Sorry is as unique a story as it is disturbing. We meet an upscale woman who simply cannot give up on "the hunt", ultimately to a terrible end. This leaves a heartbroken, but hateful son and an in over his head father to continue on. Beauregard proceeds to weave a story that will turn your stomach while also breaking your heart. Daniel Volpe enters the scene and tears into the underbelly of this story. Two worlds, living side by side, entirely unaware of eachother, but directly in twined with one another. As to not be shown up by Beauregard, Volpe picks amps up the depravity all the while digging into the absolute core of the reader's heart. An ending that is fitting of the story. I was in no way surprised by how much I loved Sew Sorry. I sure hope these two juggernauts sit down together soon and share thier collective talents again

Brad T.
United States United States
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Volpegard is the Death Star

Holy, and I mean HOOOOOLY FUCK. HOLY FUCK. HOLY FUCK. AND… HOLY FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! (With a hard hard click on that final “k”) Aron Volpe AKA VOLPEGARD is the ultimate power in the indie horror galaxy. Couple of Grand Moff motherfuckers right here, for reals. 5/5 Skulls ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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A Tale Of Two Halves

Two of my fave horror authors - one brutally awesome story!! Aron and Daniel came together brilliantly in this horrific tale of two halves! Told from two different perspectives, they managed to merge these stories together perfectly! The opening chapter already had me grimacing, so I had high hopes for the rest of the book, and Aron and Daniel did not disappoint one little bit. I absolutely LOVED this book! A real page turner, I was completely drawn in the whole way through. Dark, horrific, shocking, heart rending, and absolutely savage!! At times I wished I couldve blacked out along with Ron! Every time you think it can't get any worse - it does - and then some!! An awesome achievement guys, please team up again, this was absolutely amazing!! 10/5 bloody padlocks from me P.S. Best author photos EVER!!

Christina P.
United States United States
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Sew many bad puns are in my head

My last review (but definitely not the least) to play catch up comes from the demented (but remarkable) minds of Aron Beauregard and Daniel Volpe with their first project together, Sew Sorry. Sew Sorry is a two parter. First part is about a woman who has the finer things in life but still has childhood trauma, a itch she has to scratch. She isn’t a nice lady and gets hers. The rest of Aron’s is about her son dealing with the aftermath and the school bully. It is gritty, brutal, disturbing and you can’t stop reading it! Daniel’s part takes a different perspective, one from the homeless man from Aron’s story. This one… wow. Volpe knows what he is doing. I was uncomfortable the whole time reading this. Just depressing, dirty, and soul crushing. This book is depraved. If you have any triggers, they will be red alarm activated in Sew Sorry. But I’m not going to lie, I think each story is my favorite by them. It just works on so many miserable levels to form a cohesive ball of horrific. Immediately pick this up.