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Roser Park (Florida Gothic) by Wendy Dalrymple
Roser Park (Florida Gothic) by Wendy Dalrymple
Roser Park (Florida Gothic) by Wendy Dalrymple

Roser Park (Florida Gothic) by Wendy Dalrymple

Wendy Dalrymple


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Charlotte Slater is freshly divorced and starting over again in her hometown of St. Petersburg, FL. When a dog sitting job in the nearby upscale neighborhood of Roser Park falls in her lap, Charlotte jumps at the chance to make some easy money and enjoy a little peace and quiet. But as usual, when things seem to be too good to be true, they often are.

While the job seems fine on the surface, from the moment Charlotte crosses the threshold at 684 Roser Park Drive, she can’t shake the feeling of being watched. The homeowner’s nearest neighbor, Adam, always seems to be lurking just around the corner, and soon, Charlotte can’t get the handsome, mysterious landscaper out of her thoughts to the point of near obsession.

As each day passes, Charlotte becomes more uneasy in the big, ominous home, causing her to spiral further and further into her own self-doubt. Items aren’t where she left them, her senses feel off, thoughts are fuzzy and an imposing painting in the living room calls out to her. A strange force from inside the very walls beckons her to learn the secrets of Roser Park and dig deeper into a century old mystery forgotten by time. Even as danger lurks just outside her door, Charlotte must choose between her instincts and common sense if she wants to ever leave the house alive.