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One Last Shindig by Mark Towse
One Last Shindig by Mark Towse

One Last Shindig by Mark Towse

D&T Publishing


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One Last Shindig—the new novella from the author of Nana, Crows, Nature’s Perfume, and Hope Wharf.

The world as we know it is coming to an end, but this group of geriatrics on one last shindig have no idea what’s in store. As far as they’re concerned, they’re on a quick jaunt to see a cave full of glow-worms and then back to the hotel for apple pie and custard.

So, get the muscle spray ready and change into your big underpants, because you’re going to need them. Take your seat on this hilarious and terrifying coach tour into Hell.

Includes exclusive bonus novelette, “Watch Me Fly.”

Since day one, David has dreamt of being a superhero-to spread his wings and escape the iron fist of his mother. But we can’t escape our past, no matter how hard we flap our arms, and his mother’s voice won’t leave him be.
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Mike R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

The ultimate apocalyptic atmosphere

Horror Bookworm Reviews… As a small group of elders take a guided tour, their frail vulnerability becomes in jeopardy by way of the utmost abnormality. The world has altered into a global chaotic mass of carnage. This frenzy of brutality and violence leaves the party stranded with a blood-curdling truth of humanity and its future. Something is making society turn on each other. This creepy novella sets the mood with locales such as sleepy little coastal towns and darkened woods that inhabit the bizarre. Saddled with deserted wrecked cars, complete suburban blackouts and inaccessible phone signals…all rationality has dissipated. Fight or flight becomes the new mantra of survival. Author Mark Towse, along with D&T Publishing creates the ultimate apocalyptic atmosphere. Underlying warnings of Earth’s chemicals, toxins and bacterial strains on the planet conveys a horrific contaminating harshness. Human emotions of guilt, anger, sadness and horror make this book a symphony of emotions. Also included within the pages of this Towse terror is an additional story of a superhero with a distorted dream of harmony and balance. If you haven’t given this author a try, what are you waiting for, you won’t regret it. Grab your copy of One Last Shindig and discover the terrifying mystery before death comes collecting for you. A can’t miss Horror Bookworm Recommendation.

Diana R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Thrilling Read!

This was such a thrilling read! What started out as a fun trip for some elderly folks ended up being their worst nightmare. Towse hits another home run with this book. Wonderful characters, gripping storyline and even some humor sprinkled in. About halfway in things get absolutely insane and stay that way until the final blow at the end. After reading Nana and now this book I have really come to love Towse’s writing. "It's not updog we need to worry about. Something's happening to people, something making them turn on each other" This also includes a bonus novelette called Watch Me Fly that was also really good. David wants to be a superhero and bring back hope to his area. Unfortunately, everything is backfiring on him. “He lives in the shadows so residents can live in harmony.”

Christina P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Old People, superheroes, oh my!

31 old people are on their way to the perfect weekend getaway. But the town holds more trouble than what it is worth. With a ragtag team of moldy oldies, Erik, the resident douche canoe, Edith his not so blushing bride, mysteriously cool Tom, and the twins, Joyce and Patricia, things get a little complicated and muscle rub may literally be their only chance at survival. Mark is one of my favorite authors. He writes such interesting and fun stories. The one thing he can do though is make a totally unlikeable character redeemable. That fascinates me. I sent him a message about how much I hated one of the characters THEN I had to eat crow and tell him I liked him. I DON’T LIKE EATING CROW! (Also, a fun nod to his novella, CROWS, in case you didn’t catch that.) This one is gory, full of on the edge of your seat suspense, and it’s just uncomfortable to read because it’s so damn ominous! But the TRUE gem in this is the short story, WATCH ME FLY. It may be my favorite short story of the month (maybe even year so far.) This had heart, breaks your heart, makes you hope, crushes that hope, and so much more. Seriously both are amazing but this is a hidden treasure! A superhero with heart finds that good intentions can cause a lot more havoc than help.

Dakota D.
United States United States

Going Out With A Bang

I absolutely adored One Last Shindig. The opening chapters set up a world that’s off and full of violence while a group of kindly geezers go on a day trip ending in seeing glow worms at night and a nightcap at a nearby hotel. Nothing goes as planned, and their driver goes missing, causing the elderly to have to fend for themselves. I loved the cast of characters, as well as how I never could predict what would happen next. The ending blew me away in the best way possible. I’d love to talk about the actual story, but I refuse to spoil a single thing. I will however, say that the contents of the second half of the book made me giddy and I felt the need to immediately talk to someone about it when I finished the last page. Just WOW!! Also included is a bonus novella, Watch Me Fly. David dreams of being a superhero and dawns his cape and spandex, ready to help those in need however he can. The story is brutal I’m it’s own way, showing the realities of one’s actions and the consequences that they bring. It’s a downer of a story that’s sure to break your heart like it did mine, but MAN does it deliver that pain well!