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Mukbang Princess by Rayne Havok
Mukbang Princess by Rayne Havok

Mukbang Princess by Rayne Havok

Rayne Havok


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2,500-word short story.

Hot pink, glitter, and stars! Mukbang Princess' profile has gotten my attention.
"I have a once in a lifetime meal planned for you all, something that will delight all the fans of filth."





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Jason N.
United States United States

Well, Then

I'm not sure what was better. The anticipation of what the video was going to end up being, The content of the video, or the girls reaction afterward. Awesome story

Stefanie D.
United States United States
I recommend this product


Most fucking delightful story ever.. I mouthed several WTFs while reading this story and laughing at the same time.. I highly recommend this story.. this was quite a ride. Definitely on of my top 5 stories from Rayne.

Nescio N.
Belgium Belgium
I recommend this product

Eat Me!

Aaah, this book reads like my favorite death metal bands: Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus... (yes, how appropriate, isn't it?) I am impressed with how Miss Havok can paint a repulsive portrait in a small number of pages. That does require some talent. If a collection of her short stories were published, you can be sure that it will roar and rattle like the brief and violent bursts of a Gatling Gun (and yes, there will be death and mutilation). And yet, beyond the horror and splatter, I'd still like to see philosophical challenges. I don't think that's the intention, but hey, that's weird me again. How so, philosophical issues? Well, in the end, didn't Jenn and her friend pay for the same (or a very similar) act, just by different means (abortion vs. you-know-what-that-I-can't-tell-without-spoiling)? Think about it... No, no, this is not me charging down at you from my moral high ground. My moral compass is equivalent to that of an uncooked cauliflower. It was just an issue that came to my mind after reading this story and I wonder if there are people out there who have such weird thoughts as well, lol. I hope the author forgives me if I read too much into it. And if not, she can eat me. For free.

Diana R.
United States United States

Yeah Baby! Yeah!

Ever read a book that made you feel ill? Yeah! That just happened! This was my first time reading anything from this author and in just 10 minutes Havok managed to annihilate what is a hard no for me in books. Did I stop reading when I realized where this was going? No. Do I regret it? Also no. This was a shock to my poor system, but I’ll be back for more of Rayne’s books right after my bleach bath and a prayer.

I recommend this product

Wow. Just. Um. Wow.

Great story! So much "WTF" packed in such a small space! Love it! But yogurt tubes. really? That one sentence had me gagging (which is a feat. I thrive on the grotesque) Great read :)