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Mother Maggot by Simon McHardy
Mother Maggot by Simon McHardy

Mother Maggot by Simon McHardy

Potter's Grove Press


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After a fried-chicken-fueled sex romp, Eddie embarks on a perverted odyssey. Murder, torture, geriatrics, bugs, and big, beautiful women all fail to satisfy until he meets the Maggot Mother—a nymphomaniac, cannibal, human-maggot hybrid with a sweet side. As the calories and corpses pile up, a beautiful cop with her own dark sexual perversions is hot on Eddie’s trail. What will be the end result when their depraved worlds finally collide?

This book contains graphic content and adult language. It may disturb some readers and should only be read by seasoned readers of extreme sexual horror and violence.

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Peter C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Deeper than you might think!

Mother Maggot by Simon McHardy is a book which has gained a certain level of notoriety, with many readers proclaiming it to be the sickest, wildest, most fucked-up tale they’ve ever read. While there’s no doubt Mother Maggot flies close to the edge, I think some of those who view it solely as a dip into the murky pool of obscene weirdness might have missed something. The story has depth, and highlights a vulnerability in the main character which makes him relatable. Eddie, the protagonist of Mother Maggot, has his problems; of that there can be no argument. However, he’s driven by an inability to find what he needs, and although his behaviour can nosedive into abject depravity, he remains a tortured soul being sucked down into a swamp of uncertainty and insecurity. Okay, and he fucks his aunt with a chicklen drumstick, but haven’t we all done that at some point in our lives? It’s easy to snigger at Mother Maggot, but below the scum ring of flab-shagging and prolapsed vaginas, there’s a story of our times! McHardy also does the one thing I appreciate in any bleak book; he injects a level of humour which is just enough to take the rough edges off. Imagine being buggered with a tree branch. Well, McHardy’s humour performs the nicety of whittling off the sharp edges! If you want depravity, Mother Maggot delivers, but there’s a deeper tale lurking under the surface too.

Gerhard G.
Mother Maggot is the Bomb Digity of depravity!

Mother Maggot is the Bomb Digity of depravity! Praise Jebus! Mother Maggot is the Redemption Song we have been waiting for. Where are Jim Bakker and James Dobson when you need them. I mean, nobody is going to take Simon Mchardy seriously when he announces the return of the Christ, and its a seven hundred pound fictitious woman with spunk crusted into the folds of her back fat. But that's religion for you. It's hardly believable. You've just gotta take it on faith. Thankfully, when I tell you that Mother Maggot is the bomb dignity of depravity, you don't need to take that on faith. You have me as a witness. Then there's Daniel Volpe, and so many others. This meets the criteria for truth, as set out in 2 Corinthians. Three witnesses are all that you need. In this case, God is one witness, and Daniel and I are the other two. So, if you reject Simon McHardy, you are pretty much rejecting God, which is the same as blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, which, as we know from Mathew, Mark, and Luke, is the one unforgivable sin. All that is to say, if you don't check out Mother Maggot, you will probably go to Hell. Of course, if you don't believe in Hell, you might want to check it out still - just for the Hell of it. Mother Maggot is my SEVENTH book my Mchardy. I just can't get enough of his stuff. He really is the bomb dignity! And now that the book is done, I cannot help but think, I want a Mother Maggot of my own!

Donna L.
Am I wrong to love something so vile?

Completely vile and entertaining. I loved it!

Awesome !!!

This book is pervert , disgusting, disturbing and hilarious !! I didn't think I would laugh so much and be so disgusted at the same time. The story is unusual and very surprising. I highly recommend it to readers who enjoy grotesque , gross and gory stories.

Brad T.

Well, what to say about the most vile, shock & awe splatterpunk story that I've ever read? For me, the bar has been raised to a new, unbelievable level. I cannot imagine anything ever topping this for sheer repugnance. Like, ever. Attempting it would definitely raise eyebrows. I've never read anything like this, well, I have, but not like THIS. My current reigning Heavyweight Champion of the Splatterpunk genre is absolutely, positively Mother Maggot by Simon McHardy. 5/5 Skulls