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Mayhem at the Museum by Regina Watts - OCTOBER 23rd
Mayhem at the Museum by Regina Watts - OCTOBER 23rd

Mayhem at the Museum by Regina Watts - OCTOBER 23rd

Regina Watts


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Scientific progress goes boom!

Luther Watson is an anxious boy. His best friend, Paine, assures him that he has no reason to be, but what could Paine know of anxiety? No bipedal wolf capable of disguising itself as a stuffed animal has anything to worry about...especially when the only person who can see him is Luther.

That is, until a field trip to the Smokeland Science Museum introduces him to Miranda Even, the disturbing daughter of an eccentric family of Smokeland locals. Her morbid interest in all the parts of life most others try to ignore soon have the new friends embroiled in a scheme to determine just why, exactly, the science museum's old janitor was so freaked out to be fired without having a chance to clean his office...and as the answer turns out to be far more dangerous than expected, chaos overtakes the science museum, people will die, and--oh, yeah.

A woman-eating wolf is on the loose.

Welcome to Smokeland.

This splatterific romp that asks "What would happen if Calvin & Wednesday Addams met during a field trip to a children's science museum and stumbled upon the janitor's guns?" is meant to be fun and funny as well as horrifying, so if dead kids can't make you laugh under any circumstances, I wouldn't read this if I were you.