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Marcus Hawke

Marcus Hawke

Marcus Hawke is a writer primarily of horror and dark fiction, some fantasy and sci-fi, and a few things that defy categorization. He was born in Toronto, moved around quite a bit during the dreaded formative years, and finally settled in Calgary where he studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design. 

Many moons before that, he had aspirations of becoming a filmmaker and......well......a long story short, that didn't happen. But one thing that wasn't curtailed in that time was his love for stories and the written word. Starting with the likes of R.L. Stein in childhood, it grew into a full-fledged possession thanks to the works of Stephen King, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Anne Rice.

After years worth of rejections, he finally had a short story called Bump in the Night published in Jitter magazine in 2016. Since then his work has appeared in a number of publications from Blood Rites Horror, Jitter Press, Lunatics Magazine, Dark Pine Publishing, and most recently his first full-length novel, THE MIRACLE SIN. He also edited the Dead of Night vampire anthology and co-founded the Alberta chapter of the Horror Writers Association. H
e lives with his feline overlord in an apartment building haunted by the type of neighbors that make a person wish a ghost would come to visit in the cold, often gloomy great white North.

In his spare time he reads, draws, paints, plays Dungeons & Dragons, and rambles in third person while writing website bios.


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