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GODLESS31 DAYS OF GODLESS IS HERE I Underground & Indie Horror Forever
Low by Mike Duke
Low by Mike Duke

Low by Mike Duke

Stitched Smile Publications

"...Filled with top notch, amazing characters from start to finish!"DSJM Reviews"A master work of sinister philosophical horror"Lisa Lee, Bibliophilia Templum Officer Mark Adams is fed up with God, his wife and the legal constraints of his job. He longs for a life he can enjoy and to see true justice meted out. Chad Bigleby is a lawyer thrown into a deadly moral quagmire, forced to decide whether he will abide by man’s laws or make his own. Each man is being driven to the edge of his limits. Both men are on a collision course. All because something wicked has arrived in Pleasant Grove, something ancient and obsessed with vengeance, eager to punish the souls of men for their sins. How LOW will they go to get what they desire most? And what will it cost them in the end? Hell only knows…







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