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Love You To Bits by Justin Boote
Love You To Bits by Justin Boote
Love You To Bits by Justin Boote

Love You To Bits by Justin Boote

Justin Boote


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Davie is fed up. His overly religious mother has just seen the stains on his bed, a consequence of puberty and has locked him in the basement all night, without food or water. So that he thinks about what he has done and is becoming.

It has to stop.

Her own punishment should fit the crime, so Davie is going to make sure his parents and everyone else who crosses his path suffer. He summons a demon.

Now, it will be his turn to show a little religious love, something his parents will be able to really sink their teeth into.

Because now, Davie is going to love them to bits.

An extreme horror novella.


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    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    5 Hairy Demons... lmbo

    This is extreme explicit horror so if you don't read that style then read no further. Oh... you're on Godless so you can handle it? ha-ha! But are you sure??? ------------------------------------------ I was serious when I said read no further. If you're sure, I can't stop you. ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ Seriously... Click off this review... ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ Are you sure you're not hungry? Maybe go grab a snack and forget about this? ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ You're still here? I give up... Read at your own risk. ------------------------------------------ Love You To Bits Five Hairy Demons... This story was um... uh... **this is why it's taken me a few days to collect my thoughts after finishing this deranged, demonic, filthy story, and apparently my brain has tried to wash it away. Please bare with me... #helpireadjustinbootesbook Asmodeus the demon possesses Davie's body after he summons the demon to help him fix a problem with his mother, and all h-e-double-hockey sticks commences. Davie's parents will NEVER be the same again, nor will the community... The ending was NOT was I was anticipating. If you enjoy your religion, do NOT read this... I can see Davie's point, because his mom was messed up and his dad let her "try" to "fix" Davie's teenage habits. lol But the way Davie handled it was just WOW! I feel bad for Jessica... Poor woman should have listened to her husband when he sad it was a normal thing teenage boys go through. And now... Now there's, well, you'll have to read it bits like I did. And yes, I'm being punny. My favorite quotes: "Something to chew on later in case he got peckish." "Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'love you to bits', doesn't it?" "There, if that didn't scare off the exorcist, nothing would." I'll leave you with a Question my husband asked me while I was reading this... Hubs: "Why does your face look like that?" Me: "I'm reading a disgusting book."

    Denmark Denmark

    Fuck You To Bits

    I'm glad I didn't have to read this with a simultaneous side quest of trying to figure out what is based on true events (as with Man's Best Friend lol). This story is perhaps a bit exaggerated, but nonetheless still emotionally shows what an extreme upbringing can result in. Boote is thriving well in the extreme genre, writing in a dark foul-smelling dungeon of depravity, gore, and sex; all at the same time.

    Corrina M.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product

    Holy Fucking!!

    Holy fucking……just, Holy Fucking!!!! Davie is discovering puberty and all the "delights" that that entails! However, his mother is a religious fanatic who is dead against anything to do with sex, and will happily punish her son if caught doing anything remotely sexual. Davie starts to have some extremely disturbing dreams and after another night locked up in the basement, decides to summon a sex demon who goes by the name of Asmodeus to teach his mother a lesson. And JFC, what happens after the summoning and possession will scar you for life!! Once again J. Boote proves he can do extreme horror with the best of them! This was shocking, uncomfortable, completely and utterly depraved, cannibalistic, merciless, disturbing, gross, bizarre, horrific, and……funny!! If you are the teeny tiniest bit religious, my God, don't read this! So well written, and so much vicious imagery and content packed into this story, I absolutely could not put it down, I wanted to, I felt like I should, but I couldn't! It was utter carnage! The ending was fantastic, as was the whole disgusting journey that gets you there! Oh, and I hope it never rains again….ever! All in all, an absolutely delightful and debaucherous tale of love and worship! Remember….”Jesus loves ya!!”

    Donna L.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    A bloody good time

    This was a fun read! I love a good demon story and this did not disappoint! Gory and entertaining!

    United States United States

    I Love You To Pieces

    Whoa!!! Stop scrolling and CHECK this out!!!Well, I have to say, this is a very delightfully disgusting read!! Trust me!! You WILL NOT be able to put this down! You may feel a little violated, maybe a little dirty afterwards, but it’s 100% worth every word you sink into!! This phenomenal story involves intense details involving demons, exorcists, good vs evil, torture, smut, a hypnotized congregation gone bad and delicious feasts! Ya can’t go wrong with that right?? The writing is brilliant and you will feel in attendance with everything you’re reading!! Hold onto you shorts, because the ending will have you begging for more! Hands down!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️